Carrying your cash and cards is too mainstream in the age of Smartphone. Why carry a wallet full of visiting, debit, credit, membership cards and cash when you can carry the same all the things in your smart phone in other pocket. If you take a look at the past 2 years online digital wallets have literally replaced the need of liquid cash and have facilitated the payments in the easiest way that anyone can imagine.

Google Wallet – Google has always been the first to try out weird things that actually make sense. Google Wallet is too one of those attempts and it played off really well. Hats off, Google. The simple digital payment service is based on NFC and requires you to just wave your smartphone over the NFC machine on the cash counter. The machine will automatically select your card linked to your google account and accept the payment.

Apple Pay – Apple Pay though a little limited to select countries, yet works successfully without any issues or bugs. The service asks you to save you credit cards on your phone in a secured and encrypted way; the information is not shared to any third party or to Apple. All you gotta do is bring your phone closer to NFC machine and authorize your phone to pay with your fingerprint. The service is fast and convenient but really limited in scope and is not available on all stores.

Lemon Wallet – A potent digital wallet that assists you in physical payments from your debit, credit and loyalty cards by your phone. This Lemon wallet app is available on all the popular platforms. The app gives authorized access only to the user with a 4 letter pin code. It also tracks your spending and lets you check your bank balance within the app.

Square Wallet – Avaialble on iOS and Android and features a few ultra cool features of payments. Just like any other digital wallet it links itself to your credit or debit card but the payment is made though merchant’s card. You can even favorite your merchant and use the hands free feature which only asks you to say your name at the cash counter.

ISIS – ISIS is an online digital payment service that allows you to access your bank account for the payments through its own cash card which also comes with $10 preloaded as a souvenier. As far as the loyalty and security are concerned, ti comes with a pin authorization to avoid unauthorized access. You can even freeze the card remotely from almost anywhere if your phone has been lost. The payments base is still a little small and can only be used in a few franchise stores in select cities. One more issue with this card is that you can only add upto 3 payment cards in the digtal wallet. So, this one’s good unless you are a shopping junky.