Prepaid card is a payment card where the money is deposited in the card by the user not the issuer like in the case of debit cards. A prepaid card is safer to carry and no bank account is needed. They are used for low value transactions and transaction fee is not collected as it does not involve online transaction. Prepaid cards are of two types, one is closed system prepaid cards where a merchant issues the card and consumer can use that card for buying products sold by the merchant. Other is semi-closed system where prepaid cards are issued by third party and that are used for buying products sold by group of merchants within a geographic area.

Mango MasterCard is a top rated prepaid card that uses handy features such as text alerts and mobile phone app. Its prime reason to be at the top line is it can be loaded with money from PayPal. Kaiku Visa is a prepaid card with low fees and is flexible enough to allow the card holders to make purchases from their favourite stores and online stores. It also provides free customer support and free mobile banking. netSpend premier card is the only prepaid debit card that allows many ways to load the money into the card. Premium account holders enjoy much low fees and the use of savings account. It also offers maximum balance amount of $15000.

AccountNow Gold card is a prepaid card that can be loaded with money from paycheck using direct deposit method. It has lower age limit on cardholders and hence they are useful for students and helping their parents to keep in track what they are spending. Vision Premier Visa is a prepaid card offers several features to keep in track of money and the way they are spent. This prepaid card charges a monthly fee of $7.95 and $9.95 as one-time activation fee. Green Dot Visa offers two types of cards either a Visa card or a MasterCard. This card must be loaded with minimum of $1000 each month or to be used for 30 qualifying purchases to avoid a monthly charge of $5.95.

ACE Elite Pink is a card that benefit for the National Breast Cancer Foundation each time it is swiped. They also offer text alerts and money transfers between card holders. Readydebit Platinum card is a prepaid card of monthly fee of $14.95 for service charge. Yet it has some free of cost services for applying a second card, direct deposit, and balance inquiry. Walmart MoneyCard MasterCard is a convenient card of low fees and ability to transfer from bank account. Upside Visa is a card that comes with parental control with online account.