Will Brexit Cause a UK Stock Market Crash?

December 5, 2017 by Adrian Thorpe

BrexitThe distraction that is Brexit continues to play out before everyone online, on television, in the newspapers and on radio too. In fact, no matter what type of medium you prefer using to catch up on the latest news stories, there is no getting away from the fact that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is getting maximum news coverage.

More and more people however are beginning to comment that it would appear the UK government led by Theresa May doesn’t have any real strategy in place in regards to the UK exiting the EU, and as such they are playing it by ear so to speak and are simply agreeing to everything that is being asked of them by the EU leaders.

Having made it known just prior to the EU negotiations, Theresa May did proclaim she would be a bloody difficult woman to deal with at those negotiations, however from what we have so far seen from her and her deputies, being difficult is something they are certainly not being.

It has been asked of the government in the UK to allow other political parties to see the Brexit strategy and be kept fully up to date with how things are proceeding, however it is becoming obvious that is something they are prepared not to do.

As such there are rumours abound that apart from agreeing to everything that is being asked of them from the EU those in charge of the UK exiting the EU have no strategy in place, much more so in regards to whether no real can be achieved.

Some people however have suggested that Theresa May and her team are simply playing the EU at their own game, and are agreeing to everything being asked of them in the early stages of the negotiations, and will then decide to leave the EU with no agreement in place.

There is a hefty price the UK has to pay to leave if they do go with the current suggestions, that being around €50billion as a divorce payment, and all manner of additional agreements are being hammered out in regards to how the border with Northern and Southern Ireland will be handled after Brexit and also in regards to EU citizens currently living in the UK.

It all does however remain to be seen how it all plays out, but there are some major concerns that the UK stock market could experience a huge crash if an agreement is not put in place, and there could also be a massive run on the Pound too.