Flight Delay Compensation is a Minefield

December 4, 2017 by Adrian Thorpe

Flight Delay Compensation is a MinefieldAs someone who does regularly fly all over the world, one aspect of me doing so that I have had to become accustomed to are flight delays! It is often the case that it is not until the very last minute you will discover if your flight is going to be delayed and if so for how long.

In fact, having experienced several flight delays and the occasional cancellation, I have found there are many different ways that airlines will handle such delays and flight cancellations, and it is often not to liking of those subject to those cancellations and flight delays!

I recently flew to America and had to take an internal flight whilst there. I decided to use the US budget airline Spirit as the airline I flew with for I didn’t have any luggage to take with me and their flights were surprisingly low in price too.

However, at the very last minute they informed me that my flight was cancelled. I was then left at the airport to fend for myself as there appeared to be no one from the airline willing to help me arrange another flight.

I did manage to arrange a new flight myself with another airline, however when I contacted Spirit for compensation they only offered me a refund on the cost of the tickets! I then badgered their online support team and eventually they offered me some discount vouchers that I could use on any up and coming flight I wanted to take with them.

One thing that I did discover when using those vouchers was that they only cover the cost of the tickets charged by Spirit and not the taxes, so if you do ever get offered their flight vouchers be aware that you will still have to pay for the taxes and any additional fees from your own pocket as those vouchers will not cover those costs.

I have been delayed a couple of times when using Vueling who are a Spanish airline. The first time I was delayed was for five hours, and to be fair they did supply meal vouchers during the delay at the airport and when I enquired about compensation they direct me to fill in an online form with my flight details and bank account details and paid me the full compensation as determine by the EU in full very quickly.

On an additional flight with Vueling I was delayed for 10 hours, and once again they supplied meal vouchers at the airport and paid me out my flight delay compensation in just a few days.

However, having very recently experienced a long delay with Norwegian Air Shuttle I found them to be very hard work to deal with in regards to getting compensation. They directed me to fill in an online claims form and then took 3 full weeks to determine I was entitled to claim compensation, which they have agreed to pay “quickly”.

It has however, to be fair, only been a few days since they confirmed they would pay me some compensation, so I will await and see just how long it takes to hit my bank account!