Where to Look for Gains of Over 100% Buying Cryptocurrencies

April 26, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Top Performing Cryptocurrencies There are always going to be investment opportunities when you start buying cryptocurrencies, but if you are looking for gains of over 100%, then you will be best advised to look deep down on the list of cryptocurrencies listed on sites like Coin Market Cap.

It is very rare for any of the more well known and more used cryptocurrencies to increase in value by 100% in a short space of time, and that is why I suggest you look at some of the more obscure cryptocurrencies and coins and tokens to buy into.

However, be aware that when you do start buying any of the more obscure and often unheard-of cryptocurrencies whilst there could be a chance they will shoot up in value in a short space of time, the opposite is also true, and they could drop in value.

I decided to take a look and do some research at just which cryptocurrencies have increase by at least 100% over the last seven days, and to be honest the results did surprise me, for I have found no fewer than fifty seven cryptocurrencies that did shoot up in value over the last seven days, so there is a good chance you may able to pick out some that will in the coming week.

With the cost of the coins and tokens that do increase massively in value being so low, then you will not necessary have to spend a small fortune buying into them!

High Earning Cryptocurrencies

It is the cryptocurrency that goes by the name of SONO that has been the biggest gainer regarding its value in the last week, for that cryptocurrency whilst relative inexpensive it has jumped up in value by some 843.39%, and as such it is now for sale at the price of $0.932565 and it may have a chance of continuing to grow in value next week too.

Slothcoin is a rather unusual sounding cryptocurrency, however with the ticker symbol of SLOTH if you wish to buy into it you will find each unit costs a ridiculously low $0.000061, but early investors have seen some excellent gains in the last week which are a huge 755.93%!

GPU Coin can now be found listed on a small number of digital currency exchanges, and you will find its ticker symbol is GPU, it is currently trading at around the $0.045471 price mark and in the last seven days that coin has shot through the roof regarding its value having increased by a whopping 583.51%.

As you are discovering getting returns of well over 100% when buying the right cryptocurrency, coins and tokens is always possible if you are prepared to take a few risks, and one coin that has increased by 473.48% in the last week is Galactrum which can be identified by the ticker symbol ORE, and its value at this current moment of time is worth $1.88 per full single unit of that coin.

Another cryptocurrency that has been doing well this past week, and one to also keep your eyes on is Neuro, look for its ticket symbol NRO and if you do decide to buy into at the time of compiling this news story its price was $0.008207 and its value has jumped in the last seven days by a cool 400.58%.

Cryptocurrencies That May Be Worth a Punt

It is always good to see cryptocurrencies listed for sale on some digital currency changes for many exchanges will only list those coins and tokens that have achieved a certain volume of trades from buyers and sellers over a certain period.

Therefore in this final section of todays news report I am going to take a look at some coins and tokens that may be worth checking out and possibly investing in this coming week, just be aware that even though the ones I will now be listing have shot up on value very recently they may not continue to do so and as such there will be risks attached with you buying into any of them.

Peerguess does have an interesting concept and project backing it and if that is something you are interested on learning more about do some research using the GUESS ticker, for reference that coin has jumped in value this past week by a whopping 377.75% and it could just continue to do so too.

The Game.com token that you will find listed using the GTC ticker is proving to be a popular one, so much so that token has jumped in the past week in value by a very respectable and appealing 309.12%.