What is an Ideal Cryptocurrency Investment Budget?

April 22, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Cryptocurrency Trading BudgetOne of the most important decisions that you are going to have to make when you do decide to start buying into and investing in any of the ever-growing number of cryptocurrencies is your investment and trading fund.

There are of course many factors to consider when doing so, and with that in mind today I am going to be looking at what would be an ideal investment fund that you should set aside when buying and selling cryptocurrencies and I will also give you some food for thought on some other aspects of doing so to.

One of the determining factors of course will be the cryptocurrencies you choose to invest in, regarding how much you will be best off setting aside as your investment budget.

If you choose to buy into some of the more expensive ones such as Bitcoin or Ethereum for example, you will need to have a huge trading fund if you want to buy full single units of those currencies. However, when doing so you are always going to be at the mercy of some very volatile market conditions too, so avoid those two cryptocurrencies if you are in any way shape or form averse to risk!

There are of course some very, very low-cost coins and tokens that you can buy into, and it is often those that will produce some of the highest valued growth and gains over what could turn out to be a very short space of time.

Always Try and Spread the Risk Around

You are always going to have the choice of buying into any coin or token or any of the major and more well-known cryptocurrencies, for the easiest way to go about doing so is to sign up to one of the many different digital currency exchanges.

By doing so you can then pick and choose just which cryptocurrencies you wish to buy and will be quoted the current spot price, and apart from some additional transaction and processing fees that is all you are going to have to pay for them.

But there will be some huge risks fi you choose to invest in just one single cryptocurrencies, for if its value just suddenly drops, which could happen no matter what cryptocurrency you buy into, you could lose a fair old chunk of your investment fund.

The opposite is of course also true, and if a cryptocurrency you have bought into and paid very little for suddenly jump up in value then you will be sitting on a healthy profit.

What that type of investing strategy may suit you personally, what I would urge you to do in the early and initial stages of you buying and selling cryptocurrencies is to spread the risk around and try and buy into a range of them, as that way you will lower the amount of risk you have in place.

Be Wary of Hype Surrounding Any Initial Coin Offerings

If you have never invested in cryptocurrencies before, then you need to be aware that when you visit websites such as YouTube or even do a simply Google search, you are going to come across all manner of different people, articles and even news stories surrounding new coins and tokens that are about to launch.

Every single day of the week I see initial coin offerings and token generation events going live, and many of them are being hyped up by people online too.

What you do need to be aware of when you are on the hunt of very lost cost coins, tokens and cryptocurrencies to buy into is that it is often the case that the very highest risk ones are going to be those that are part of an initial on offering or token generation event.

The reason they are high risk is that the people launching those coins and tokens will be raising funds for some form or project or business idea, be launching their own cryptocurrencies, and as such what they and you ill be hoping is that those business are successful, and their associated coins and tokens increase in value.

If the business is not a success or the initial coin offering or token generation event does not raise the required capital the business the funds are being raised for may not get off the ground, and when that happens then anything that you have paid of those coins and tokens could be lost forever!