Verge and Binance Coin This Week’s Best Performing Cryptocurrencies

April 7, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

It is always good to know just cryptocurrencies have been performing well each week, and that is why I tend to give you round up each Saturday regarding the cryptocurrencies that have increased the value the most over the last 7 days.

However, as someone who may be interested in investing in coins and tokens you also need to ensure you are aware just which cryptocurrencies have been losing their values over the last seven days too, as that may help you make up your own mind on which ones if any to invest in during the coming week.

By far and away the very best performing cryptocurrency over the last Seven days regarding its percentage increase in value is Verge, for whilst it is still a very low valued coin, currency costing just $0.063899 that value has increased to what it is now by growing in value by a whopping 71.84%!

Another cryptocurrency that has been increasing in value all week is Binance Coin, which for reference goes by the ticker symbol BNB, if you had bought any quantity of that cryptocurrency last Saturday, then today you will be sitting on a profit of a larhe18.92%.

As is always the case though, there are winners and loser each week, and with that in mind below I will give you an insight into which coins and tokens and cryptocurrencies made the largest percentage increase in their values over the last week and those that dropped in value too.

Cryptocurrencies that Increased in Value This Last Week

Apart from the two cryptocurrencies I have mentioned up above, there was not that many coins and tokens that increased in value over the last seven days, but there were a few that did, I will limit myself to mentioned just those cryptocurrencies that are in the top 20 cryptocurrencies based on their respective market capital for this news story.

However, do keep in mind that there are plenty other cosine and tokens that you may be prepared to invest in, so if you are prepared to buy into some of the lower valued and obscure ones then do your research as you will find an almost endless supply of them available to you!

Cardano did manage to make a profit and rise in value over the last seven days and that cryptocurrency has the ticker symbol ADA and a single unit of that cryptocurrency is not going to set you back a lot of money for its current spot price is $0.148551 and the increase in value it experience was 0.03%.

The only other top 20 cryptocurrency to show a profit and increase in value over the last week was Stellar which goes by the ticker symbol XLM.

If you had made an investment and purchase of that cryptocurrency last Saturday then you will now be sitting on a coin that had increased in value by a modest 2.01%, and whilst that may not seem a lot a profit is a profit after all!

Coins and Tokens That Have Dropped in Value

There were more cryptocurrencies dropping in value over the last seven days than grew in value and one that did see a rather large drop in value was NEO which dropped in value by a rather large 9.87%, and whether it will make any of that loss back this coming week does of course remain to be seen!

NEM which goes by the ticker symbol of XEM did not make that big a drop-in value for over the course of the last seven days its value dropped by a tiny 0.03%

Some other cryptocurrencies that did perform badly over the last seven days include Qtum which is currently the 19th largest cryptocurrency by market capital and its value dropped by some 8.58%. you would also be licking your wounds if you have invested in Dash for over the last week its value has also dropped but by some 6.07%.

Ethereum Classic dropped in value by 7.20%, and the big guns including Bitcoin also dropped in value but only by 1.84% whilst Ethereum dropped in value by some 5.45%. Event he very low-cost cryptocurrency Ripple dropped in value by some 4.90%

Bitcoin Cash dropped in value by some 11.10%and even Litecoin left investors unhappy for that cryptocurrency also dropped in value but only by some 1.69%. On rather poorly performing additional cryptocurrency was IOTA whose value dropped by a very large 13.78% over the last seven days.