Three Weeks of Continued Cryptocurrency Growth Value

April 28, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Cyrptocurrency Values IncreasingSaturday is when I like to reflect on the previous 7 days’ worth of activity on the digital currency trading platforms, and look at which, if any cryptocurrencies have been performing well over those seven days.

It will not have escaped your notice that over the last two weeks, all the major cryptocurrencies have been increasing in value, and some of them have been doing so quite dramatically too!

There have been some huge increases yet again over the last week, and as such for three weeks running some coins and tokens have been showing tremendous growth in value, and that may be the case this coming week too.

Let me start off by looking at Bitcoin. As the undisputed King of all cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is often the one that first-time users and investors in digital currencies will show an interest in, and currently the market capital of Bitcoin is impressive being some $155,966,062,926.

You will of course find that when looking for Bitcoin on a digital currency exchange its ticker symbol is BTC, and at the time of compiling this news story one single full unit of that cryptocurrency was worth some $9,172.93.

In the last seven days its valued has increased by some 3.89%, and whilst not as large a growth in value as some other cryptocurrencies, when you consider that increase in value over just 7 days, you will understand why it is a popular digital currency with investors!

Ripple and Litecoin Drop in Value

Ripple sadly has not been performing as well as some people may have hoped over the last seven days, for its value has dropped by some 6.60%, resulting in one single unit of that cryptocurrency now being worth some $0.834596.

The loss experienced by another popular cryptocurrency, that being Litecoin has not bee as large as the one experience by Rippled for Litecoin dropped in value by a tiny 1.78%.

However, if you had chosen to buy into Ethereum last week then you will be sitting on a very healthy profit of some 10.58%, obviously you will have to pay transaction fees when buying or selling any cryptocurrency, but those would have been more than covered in that increase in value!

Bitcoin Cash that has the ticker symbol BCH has made many an investor smile this week, for that cryptocurrency has shot up in value by a whopping 23.98% and who knows it may continue that upward curve this coming week too.

If you have made the decision to invest in EOS last Saturday, then boy have you had one amazing week, for that cryptocurrency has seen one of the biggest rises in value over a 7-day period I have seen for quite some time, shooting up in value by a mind blowing 62.87%.

As one of the lower cost cryptocurrencies to invest in, if you chose to buy into Cardano last week, which can be identified on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges by the ticker symbol ADA then you would have made a respective profit of some 3.62%.

TRON is A Cryptocurrency Worth Watching

There are of course plenty of different coins and tokens you can choose to invest in and the number of them grows with each passing week too, however do keep your eyes on TRON which has the ticker symbol TRX for it is a very low-cost cryptocurrency to buy into and last week alone its value jumped by some 41.48%.

Regarding other cryptocurrencies that have performed well over the last seven days Stellar is one of them and that has seen its value increase over the past week by some 8.45%, also IOTA has also been showing signs of popularity with users and traders for that coin has jumped in value this last week by some 4.44%.

They do say any profit is good and if you had chosen to invest in NEO sadly you won’t be smiling over the last seven days as that coin has dropped in value by 2.28%, another cryptocurrency that has dropped in value this week by a similar amount is Monero which saw a drop in value of 2.09%.

The cryptocurrency called Dash has however increased in value over the last week and that coin has jumped in value by some 7.37%, you would have made a small loss this past week if you had invested in NEM which is another low cost cryptocurrency, for its valued has decreased by some 0.60% over the last seven days.