Safe ICO’s to Invest In

March 6, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

If you have been spending any amount of time recently looking through the vast and seemingly never-ending list of ICOs that are live or about to go live, then you will have probably spent hours looking through several different ICOs and token generation events.

I am often being asked which are going to be the safest ICOS and token generation events to take part in, and it is always going to be the business concept that is supporting any initial coin offering or token generation event that needs careful attention.

For whilst it is easy to dream up a business concept and idea, it is a different matter putting that idea and concept into reality of course.

The key to finding the safest ICOs and the best token generation events to invest in is looking at the potential of the coins and tokens that are being made available, and whether, over the long-term people are going to be interested in buying them and using them for their intended purposes.

There is of course the additional bonus that if you do buy coins and tokens right at the start of an ICO and the ICO or token generation event is oversold, then when those coins and tokens go on sale they may sky rocket in value, as a long or people will be looking to buy them.

It is of course always supply and demand that will ensure the popularity and the take up of any coins and tokens, and it is often the very early investors that benefit from the increase in value of them too.

Potentially Profitable Token Generation Events

I have been looking around for some of the more unique token generation events that have a sound and solid business idea and concept supporting them.

One that I do like the look of that is certainly unique and completely different from most others is the RTP Token generation event. The main concept that is backing that token is one that is going to appeal to the slot machine playing community.

The way in which it does so is to first and foremost offer its own cryptocurrency supporting website on which slot machine related content creators are going to have a range of free to use services that allow them to monetize their video output, but also offers several ways that they can offer paid for services to their subscribers and viewers.

They are going to be able to offer slot players remote slot group pull events, exclusive content and they can also accept donations off their viewers and subscribers using RTP Token too.

As slot players themselves are going to have the ability of storing their slot machine playing bankrolls on the blockchain, and as RTP Token is built on the WAVES platform, then those slot players always have access to their funds and cryptocurrencies and can store all major cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in their digital wallets too.

Another thing I did like about the RTP Token generation event is that the tokens are low in price, and have been deemed to be utility tokens, that does of course mean that anyone can choose to buy them being as they are legal and safe to use. So, one of the best token generation events may just be the one that is currently live and being offered by RTP Token

ICOs With Potential for Large Returns

If you are looking for a few ICOs to invest in that are likely to give you some huge returns on your investments, then it could be the finance service sector that you should be looking for when searching through the never ending list of ICOs that are launching.

However, do also checkout some of the new start up banks that are currently or will be shortly going through an ICO phase, for if those ICOs go well and raise the required capital there is always going to be the potential for a lot of growth from them.

However, it is important that you do realise the risks associated with investing in ICOs that are catering to the finance market sectors, as there will always be risks in doing so.

But at the end of the day if you do your research and lookout for those ICOs that do have a very clear roadmap and whitepaper then you should find there are plenty of opportunities available to you, and plenty of them that could see your investments bearing fruit over both the short term and the long term too!