New Bitcoin ATM’S Going Live in Many Locations

November 21, 2017 by Adrian Thorpe

You are going to be pleased to learn if you are a regular user of Bitcoin, that there are now an increasing number of ATM’s that are being located in venues all over the world, and as such buying or selling any quantity of that digital currency is going to be very easy to do.

I have personally seen a Bitcoin ATM in Vegas and whilst there were certainly not crowds of people using it, it did get a lot of attention from curious bypasses who probably don’t know what Bitcoin is!

If you have not yet come across one of those ATM’s then they are very easy to use, what you will however need to do is to have your cell phone with you and also have your digital wallet stored onto the cell phone.

Once you do so you are then going to have the option of buying Bitcoin, and to do so you will need to feed in the amount in cash that you will to buy in Bitcoin, or if you wish to sell Bitcoin then you can do just that and you will receive banknotes to the value of the Bitcoin you sell.

There are of course going to be fees and charges that you will have to pay when using such a machine, however they are going to come in very handy when you do want cash on the spot for your Bitcoin holdings, or for when you wish to buy Bitcoin by using cash.

In fact, with quite a lot of people opting to use Bitcoin anonymously, many people are wary about paying for their Bitcoin holdings using a debit or credit card at an online digital currency exchange, and as such that is another reason why I am convinced the number of people who are going to be using those Bitcoin ATM’s are going to be on the increase.

Whilst there are not hundreds or even thousands of them available you will find they are being located in very busy venues all over the world, and as such there will be bound to come a time when you should have at least one of them located within driving distance to where you live.

Just ensure that you take all the necessary precautions when using a Bitcoin ATM, for if you are cashing in a large quantity of that digital currency and getting paid out in cash then you will need to take extra security measure to ensure you are not mugged or robbed!

However, as mention the Bitcoin ATM’s I have come across on my travels have all been in busy locations and as such the risk of you being mugged when using one will be fairly negligible, which is something that cannot be said for bank ATM’s that are located in some unusual places to say the least!