Most Common Projects Behind Initial Coin Offerings

March 16, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

What I have noticed, and I am more than sure that you will have too, is that many initial coin offerings are being held to raise the necessary start up capital for a range of companies, projects and businesses that are quite similar and, in some cases, identical to other ones.

With that in mind what I am going to be doing today is to be looking at some of the most common projects that are behind and supporting an initial coin offering and letting you the possible pros and cons of investing in each of them.

Whilst it is of course always going to be your decision to invest your money in any initial coin offering or not, what I always advise first time and inexperienced investors to invest in an industry and market place via an ICO that they are familiar with and one that they have some understanding off.

For sadly, many ICOS and for that matter token generation events are being backed and supported by a business idea, project or concept that is so hard to understand or get your head around, you do risk losing your funds by investing in them, if they are much higher risk that you first through they were.

Please do read on for if nothing else, below you will find an overview of some types of ICO’s that you may never have thought existed or ones that you may be interested in investing in too.

Finance Related ICO Business Start Ups

Without a shadow of a doubt the largest number of ICO’s that are going live and are seeking finance are those that are based around the finance business sector, and as such there are never going to be any shortages of such ICO’s for you to invest in.

However, whilst it is very true to say that you can often find some low cost coins and tokens for sale that could result in you making some huge financial gains by investing in such ICO;’s they do not come without risk, and you need to be aware of those risks fully before buying into any coins or tokens!

Another common type of business and project that are behind a growing number of token generation events and initial coin offerings are those that are based around the communications industry.

I do know that market place excites a lot of people for there are a huge number of people that are going to be using mobile phones and tablet devices and the suchlike for the very foreseeable future.

But it is always worth checking out the team behind such companies, for they can be quite high tech, and if a project or business does not have a very experienced and knowledgeable technical team behind them, then they will face all manner of different challenges as they go live and then drive the company and project forward. So always check out each ICO’s team very carefully as it is important!

Look for Unique Initial Coin Offerings

Whilst there are possibly some increased risks with the much more unique type of projects that are behind some initial coin offerings and plenty of different token generation events too, they are the ones that do tend to excite and are certainly of interest to a lot of investors these days.

With that in mind, spend some time looking over the up and coming initial coin offerings, as opposed to those that may be live, for by doing so you ill be guaranteed of finding plenty of them that are backed by some unique concepts, and ones that you will not find replicated.

There are a lot of copycat initial coin offerings and token generation events, and it is of course going to take you plenty of time to research each of them out fully, but that is something that you should do for if you forget about due diligence then you run the risk of losing your entire investment, and that is something you will never want to do and experience of course.

If you are looking for some pointers regarding which are the more unique coins and tokens to invest in, I am going to leave that decision up to you, for you will have your own personal interests and will have experience in some market sectors that will appeal to you directly, so do spend a good few days looking at some potential unique ICO’s to invest in.