Mineable or Non-Mineable Cryptocurrencies Which Are Best?

April 3, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

mining cryptocurrenciesWhilst you do have a lot of decisions to make regarding just which cryptocurrencies you should invest in, if that is something you are thinking of doing, there are some additional aspects of choosing a cryptocurrency that you also need to factor into your decision as to which ones to buy into.

Al cryptocurrencies are going to fall into one of two different groups, the first being mineable ones, those being cryptocurrencies that can be mined and therefore the number of coins associated with them will increase as more of them are mined and discovered.

However, there is another category of cryptocurrency and those are the ones that cannot be mined, and as such there is always going to be a maximum fixed number of them in circulation, and that number cannot be increased in the future.

Regarding just which type of cryptocurrency you should invest in, well that is of course up to you, however if you are looking for one that does have the potential to grow in value it may be best for you to stick to the non-mineable ones, as it is always supply and demand that will increase the value of any cryptocurrency.

Choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in now or in the future that is a mineable one does see you running the risk of your investments being reduced due to the number of additional coins that do get mined, so keep that important aspect of such cryptocurrencies in mind when choosing which ones to invest in.

Most Popular Non-Mineable Cryptocurrencies

If you are interested in investing is any of the non-mineable cryptocurrencies, then always make sure that you always checkout just what each of them are offering you, for not all of them offer the same things.

As such let me now move onto letting you know just which the biggest non-mineable cryptocurrencies are based on their respective market values, but always remember there are going to be a huge number of additional ones available to you.

Ripple is often a non-mineable cryptocurrency that first-time investors in cryptocurrencies will buy into, and one of the main reasons why they do so is that the cost of Ripple per unit is tiny, so even if you have a small investment fund it is a cryptocurrency you will be able to afford to buy!

EOS is the second largest non-mineable cryptocurrency bases on its market capital which for reference at the time of compiling this new story stood at $4,565,701,571, each full single unit if EOS is going to cost you $5.98 based on the current spot price!

Three other non-mineable cryptocurrencies that you may be interested in investing in include NEO, IOTA and Tether, the latter non minable cryptocurrency, that being Tether has a total market capital at the current moment in time of some $2,297,295,719 and its cost price per single full unit is just $1.00, so consider checking out that cryptocurrency in a little more detail if you are looking or a low cost one to invest in!

Top Mineable Cryptocurrencies

It is of course Bitcoin that is the most utilized and top cryptocurrency that can be mined, however since cryptocurrency is so expensive to buy, it may not be the ideal one for you if you only have a limited amount of investment funds available.

A much more cost-effective cryptocurrency is Ethereum, that too is a mineable cryptocurrency, but many people much prefer using it for all manner of different reasons. Plus, the largest percentage of initial coin offerings and token generation events use the Ethereum blockchain, so you do also get plenty of additional investment opportunities when investing in Ethereum.

Whilst it is very true to say that Bitcoin Cash was launched as a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain and was launched as a cryptocurrency to be used to pay for goods and services rather than as an investment tool many people are using that mineable cryptocurrency to invest in, and it is much lower in price per unit than Bitcoin is.

The list of mineable cryptocurrencies does keep on getting longer and longer, but if you are seeking another one to invest in but one that isn’t going to cost you a fortune to buy, then do consider making a purchase of Litecoin, you will find plenty of digital currency exchanges do allow you to buy and sell any units of Litecoin, so you will have no difficulties in being able to buy it online.