Many People Experiencing Delays Selling Bitcoin

December 23, 2017 by Adrian Thorpe

Delays Selling BitcoinThere are many people complaining that they are not able to sell their Bitcoin holdings as quickly as they are able to buy them, and that is something that does appear to be the case.

For not only are you going to have to wait until your Bitcoin does get sold when using any Bitcoin Exchange but dependent on the method you want to get paid out by, there can also be added delays that you are going to have to make do with.

However, if you are looking to sell Bitcoin and you would much prefer, as to be honest everybody will do, to get paid out rapidly then there are some options available to you.

One way is by making use of the service offered by LocalBitcoin for when you do so the service they offer is a simple match up service, which will match you up with someone local to where you live who wishes to buy Bitcoin, so you can meet up with that person and then trade your Bitcoin for their cash.

You will also find that there are now plenty of Bitcoin ATM’s appearing in locations all over the place and that does of course mean that you are going to be able to utilize such a machine and get paid out cash on the spot for the unit of Bitcoin you wish to sell, which is a very appealing way of turning Bitcoin into fiat currencies, hence the increase in the number of Bitcoin ATM’s of course.

Should You Hold Onto Bitcoin?

There are plenty of differing opinions that with either see people proclaiming that Bitcoin is just a big scam and those involved in it are fools, unless they are the ones cashing in from the volatility of Bitcoin.

But conversely you are also going to hear plenty of people who will say no wrong or hear no wrong of Bitcoin, and many of those people will have seen their Bitcoin holdings massively increasing in value over the last few weeks and months.

As such you may be dithering in regards to whether you should sell any Bitcoin holdings you currently have or hold onto them in the hope that the value is going to blast upwards and make you very rich!

Having listened to many different people in regards to whether people should buy and invest in Bitcoin it always does appear to be those who have a vested interest in that digital currency failing, that will do it down and claim it is a scam, in a bubble and is a dangerous investment.

I also have listened to many people who do not have any vested interest what so ever in Bitcoin and they do all seem to be of the same mind, and hat is if you are prepared to ride out the current volatility of Bitcoin then you will see your investment in that digital currency growing and start to bear fruit, some very big fruit by the way!

Keep an Eye on Trading Fees

If you do wish to sell Bitcoin then you need to ensure that any losses or profits you have made from your investment in that digital currency are not going to be reduced, and that means you really are going to have to make a concerted effort to find a way of selling your Bitcoin that will not see you being hit with fees and charges.

There is something of a smug arrogance about the way some Bitcoin Exchanges work and operate, in regards to the way they expect Bitcoin users to eat up the fees and some fairly excessive charges they push onto them, and also in regards to the volume of Bitcoin you can sell at their exchanges too.

I am longing for the day when a new Bitcoin Exchange comes along that is easy and secure to use, but one that understands that not everybody who uses Bitcoin is able to and even prepared to make do and put up with sky high fees.

If such a Bitcoin Exchange does come along and they offer rapid settlement of payments for those selling Bitcoin then even those they may charge a much smaller fee for their services the sheer volume of trades they will do each day will ensure they are financially viable, and very profitable too.