Lowest Priced Cryptocurrencies with Potential for Growth

April 18, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Best Low Cost Coins to BuyIn the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies, as someone who is interested in investing in them, you do have to often think outside the box and take chances on buying some of the more obscure and recently launched coins and tokens, if you are hoping to cash in on the price movements of cryptocurrencies.

With that in mind, today I am going to be taking a look at some of the very lowest priced coins and tokens that do have potential for growth, and with be introducing you to those that are currently worth less than $5 per full single unit.

Whether or not any of the following cryptocurrencies are going to show a marked increase in their values does remain to be seen, however by buying into several of them there is always a chance that some of them will, and you will of course be spreading the risk around when you do so.

Many first time and inexperienced crypto investors are going to be put off buying into some of the better-known cryptocurrencies due to the cost of some of them being so high.

The main problem with buying into those higher priced ones there can be some huge swings in their values too, and if they do drop down in price the chances of you making some losses are going to be much greater when you buy the much higher priced ones than the lower priced ones of course!

TRON and Verge Maybe Worth a Punt

The cryptocurrencies that goes by the name TRON may be worth investing,  in, if you are seeking a relative low cost coin to invest in, currency at the time of compiling this news story the market capital of TRON was some $2,792,414,349 yet the unit price is online $0.042471, being a non-mineable coin its value will not be diminished by more coins being mines and the ticker symbol for reference of TRON is TRX.

Verge is another up and coming cryptocurrency that may or may not be of interest to you, however if you are looking for another coin to invest in but one that has already become one with a large market capital then it is worth checking out.

Let me now pass onto you a few snippets of information on Verge, its market capital right now is some $1,114,434,255 and you are not going to have to pay large amounts of cash to invest in it either for a full single unit of that cryptocurrency is going to set you back $0.074849and its ticker symbol is XVG.

Keep in mind that if you do wish to buy into any cryptocurrency you will need to ensure you have a fully compatible digital wallet with the ones you buy, but there are now many digital wallets which have been designed to allow users to access their coins and tokens and cryptocurrencies on a  range of different blockchains all from that one single digital wallet.

Bytecoin and Other Low-Cost Cryptocurrencies

I would urge you to spend some time researching Bytecoin, for that coin has been showing some rather large increases in value recently, even though it is one of the newer coins launched.

In fact, over the last 24 hours its value has increased by some 7.34% and there is the potential for even more growth over a short space of time. Bytecoin has already achieved a market capital of a huge $755,028,824 which is amazing when you realise a full single unit of the coin is worth just $0.004107.

If you do fancy taking a punt of the value of Bytecoin and buying into it then simply look up its ticker code which for reference is BCN and having checked around I am happy to report quite a number of digital currency changes do have it listed and available on their platforms.

One additional coin that have bene showing some large increases in value, is Siacoin, and currently it is the thirty second largest cryptocurrency by market capital, yet it is still a relatively low cost one.

Siacoin has a market capital of a huge $608,050,384, but at the time of compiling this news story its value, for a full single unit was just, that coin goes by the short ticker code of SC, and one additional piece of information you may find of interest, is that in the last 24 hours its value has increase by a respectable 4.71%, and its value may continue to rise too.