Large Increase in Gambling Sites Accepting Cryptocurrencies

May 8, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Gambling Sites Accepting CryptocurrenciesWhilst there are still a huge number of retailers and e-commerce related companies that have still to embrace cryptocurrencies and allow their customers to make purchases online or via mobile apps using cryptocurrencies, the same cannot be said about online and mobile betting and gambling related companies.

For there has been a large upsurge regarding the number of gambling companies that have now bolted onto their payment systems cryptocurrency payment options, and as such their customers can not only deposit using a range of different cryptocurrencies but can also request their winning pay-outs are paid out to them directly to their digital wallets too.

The main reason why gambling related companies have however very quickly warmed to cryptocurrency payments, is that they negate the possibility of their customers charging back their losses by claiming they did not make their deposits using a credit or debit card.

As most banks and credit card issuers tend to side with their customers when a dispute arises, when a losing gambler charges back their deposits they have them paid back to them and the gambling site then must suffer that loss, even if the players was the one who make those deposits.

Credit and debit card fraud is big business online, and it is often betting and gambling sites that are targeted, however anybody using cryptocurrencies is unable to charge back their transactions, and that is something that does appeal to all gambling related companies and offers them the maximum security against fraud by their customers!

Gamble on Anything with Cryptocurrencies

It was online and mobile sports betting companies that first started to accept cryptocurrencies however it wasn’t very long after they started to accept such payments that other types of gambling sites followed suit.

As such if you are of the mind that you would like to start using cryptocurrencies as the way you make payments into and receive your winnings from any type of gambling sites then no matter what types of gambling activities you wish to take part in you will be guaranteed of find a site that will allow you to do just that.

There are online and mobile casinos that now accept a range of different cryptocurrency payments, and plenty of poker sites now also accept them too, and even if you are a fan of playing bingo either online or from anywhere you are using a mobile phone then you will find plenty of such sites and apps that will accept your cryptocurrency payments and let you play all manner of different bingo games too.

But at the end of the day you should always ensure that any type of gambling sites you do sign up to are going to be offering you fair and proven random games and will also have a system in place that will allow you to cash out your winnings at any time of the night or day and get them paid out to your digital wallet instantly!

Carefully Select a Cryptocurrency Accepting Gambling Site

There will be so many different types and kinds of gambling sites at which you can deposit and transfer cryptocurrencies into your account, you should never be in too much of rush to sign up to just any of them or the very first one you come across online.

I would strongly urge you to checkout if any such sites are licensed and regulated and by whom, and only if they are licensed in your own home country of residence should you then go on to sign up to them.

By doing so you will always have the complete peace of mind in knowing those gambling related cryptocurrency accepting gambling sites are run to the very highest of standards and have bene vetted by a gambling commission or gaming authority based in your own home country.

You will also have the complete and utter peace of mind in knowing that all the games you come across when playing it for example an online or mobile casino, poker sites for bingo yet are fair and random too.

Playing at cryptocurrency accepting gambling sites that are not licensed or regulated  is one risk too many and you could and may just run into all manner of problems as those sites, which is course something that you will never want to so, so always do make sure the sites you sign up to are indeed fully licensed and regulated for a hassle free gaming experience.