Investing in Low Coin Value High Capital Cryptocurrencies

March 7, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

There are many people now shying away from Bitcoin, for it does take something of a very brave investor or even user of that cryptocurrencies to buy into it when at any time its value could crash through the floor, and that is something that Bitcoin is famed for doing every now and then!

It is of course very true to say, and has been proven time and time again though, that at any time of the day or night Bitcoin can suddenly, and open for no reason what so ever increase in value, and if you are holding any quantity of that cryptocurrency you will be hoping that happens a lot.

There is without a shadow of a doubt money to be made by buying and selling cryptocurrencies, and if that is something you are eager to do, and are prepared to take the risks, then it may be beneficial and could also pay dividends for you to consider investing in one of the low-cost cryptocurrencies.

If that is something you fancy doing then it may be more beneficial for you to invest in one of the cryptocurrencies that currently have a high market capital rather than one of the start-up coins and tokens of which there are no shortage of, as at the very least those high market capital ones will be established.

Which Low Valued Established Coins Are Available?

Let me give you a few ideas of just which cryptocurrencies, coins and tokens have a huge market capital but those that have very low coin and token prices, as they may just be the ones that you are prepared to invest in.

The very first low cost but high market capital cryptocurrency that does spring to mind is of course Ripple. In fact, at the time of compiling this news story this morning, it was, by market capital the third largest cryptocurrency currently in existence, and what makes it an appealing one of low risk and low value investors is each Ripple coin costs just $0.91.

It may also be worth checking out Cardano, for that is currently the seventh largest cryptocurrency currently available due to its huge $6,978,711,796 market capital value, however the cost of its coins is extremely low in price working out at $0.26 each!

Just below Cardano on the list of cryptocurrencies that do boast a very high market capital but have coins that are very low in price is Stellar which quite a few people are buying into by the way.

If that sounds like a cryptocurrency that is of interest  to you then do check it out and do your research on it, for Stellar has a total market value at this current moment in time of some $6,073,695,565                 and each coin you purchase is only going to cost you $0.32, obviously all of the prices and market values listed above are subject to change at any time.

Choosing a Digital Wallet

Dabbling in several different cryptocurrencies can be exciting, however one aspect of doing so that you will need to decide on is the type of digital wallet you wish to use.

What you will need to know is that some digital wallets can only be used for the storage or access of one type of cryptocurrency, whilst some other digital wallets will allow you to store numerous different cryptocurrencies and coins and tokens in them.

You will probably be best advised to make use of a multi cryptocurrency and coin and token digital wallet, as that way you will not have to keep track of lots of different wallet address, private keys and keyword phrases and the such like.

By buying cryptocurrencies on a digital currency exchange you are of course going to be faced with having to pay lots of additional fees and charges, so always factor those fees and charges into your investment budget, as they may add up if you do end up buying lots of different coins and tokens.

The price of coins and tokens are of course always going to rise and fall, but by not going overboard in regards to how much you initially buy then you may be able to slowly but surely build up a portfolio of different cryptocurrencies, some of which could, with a little bit of luck start to make some very large profits regarding the ones you do invest it, but the opposite is also true so keep that in mind.