How to Set About Investing in a ICO

March 1, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

If you have never invested in an initial coin offering before or have yet to take part in a token or coin generation event, but that is something you are thinking about doing, then please do read today’s news story through.

For below I am going to be letting you know what I tend to look out for when doing so and will give you a few tips and pointers to ensure that you go about doing so in a well-balanced and informed way, as there are quite many mistakes an inexperienced investor in such things could end up making.

What you should initially set about doing is looking for some of the many websites that are going to list all up and coming and live initial coin offerings and token and coin generation events but avoid websites that only list a small number of them.

For you will want to have access to a full and comprehensive list of them if you want to be able to decide for yourself just which ones are going to be attractive to you.

One thing you will notice however when you do find a website offering a large and varied selection of them is that there will be a huge number of them to pick and choose from, so do also set aside plenty of time to look through each of them.

Websites that only list a small number of coin and token generation events and initial coin offerings may be getting a big kickback for promoting them and may talk up those they have on offer!

White Paper and Road Map

You do of course need to visit the website of any initial coin offering or token or coin generation event, and never be swayed into investing into one due solely to them having a good-looking website!

It is always going to be the business idea that is backing any such investment opportunity that you will need to research, as some of the ones you will come across will offer no real business plan or concept, so you can knock those of your list of potential ones to invest in right away.

Look for, and then read through the road map, for that will give you an indication of how the concept or business idea is going to be put into place and all the ground work and preparation that has so far been done.

The white paper you should find on those websites are going to give you a clear-cut explanation of the business idea of concept behind the ICO or coin or token generation event, and by reading the white paper you will then, or you should get a very good idea of what it is all about.

You should also look at the team behind the project, concept or business idea and see just what experience they have, a team with many years’ experience behind them is going to be one possibly worth investing in.

How to Buy into an ICO or Coin to Token Generation Event

As soon as you have spent as much time as you need researching and doing your due diligence on any ICO or coin or token generation events and have found one that you are prepared to invest in, then you will of course need to find a way of paying for their coins or tokens.

Most of them will allow you to buy their coins and tokens in one of several different ways, some will allow you to buy into them with Bitcoin or Ethereum and some will offer you lots of different ways to buy their tokens or coins with fiat or additional cryptocurrencies too.

One thing that could sway you into investing into such a thing are bonuses, most ICOs and coin and token generation events will give those investors investing early a bonus number of coins or tokens for showing their faith in the concept when they invest early.

You should not be swayed into investing if there is a huge bonus on offer, for once the ICO or coin or token event is over those bonus coins and tokens make dilute the market place.

Always remover though, at the end of the day it is your money your money you are investing and no matter what you invest in there are always going to be risks associated in investing, much more so when investing in initial coin offerings and coin or token generation events