How Soon Will Bitcoin Jump in Value?

May 7, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Bitcoin Price IncreasesOne of the questions that is bound to be on the minds of everybody who invests in Bitcoin is when they will see that ever popular, but highly volatile cryptocurrency begin to jump upwards in value.

Well, over the last few weeks it has been on something of an upward curve in value, and there are many reasons it has done so, but most first-time investors will want to see massive price increases and that is something that could happen at any time.

The thing to keep in mind is that we are still at the point in time when new Bitcoin are still being mined, and as such those new coins when they have bene mined and discovered are going to be diluting the market place somewhat.

But I do feel the one major factor that will see Bitcoin jump up in value is when some of the major banks take a very keen interest in it and their investments arms and their clients start to invest in it too.

That is in fact something that is shortly about to happen however, as Goldman Sachs have very recently announced they are going to be opening to their clients a range of trading and investment opportunities on the Bitcoin trading environment, and as such that should result in greater demand, which may just lead to an increase in the value of that cryptocurrency, which is what all current investors will be hoping happens of course!

Betting on the Value of Bitcoin

By you choosing to buy into Bitcoin you will of course need to have a fair amount of cash now, much more so if you are looking to buy full single units of it, for its price is not far of $10,000, and there will be plenty of additional costs involved in buying Bitcoin too.

With that in mind you may be much more interested in simply betting on whether Bitcoin will increase of decrease in value, and if that is something you are prepared to do and are aware of the risk of doing so then it will be a Forex Broker you will have to use the services of.

There are plenty of them about and they offer their clients both an online and mobile trading platform, on which you can pair up Bitcoin with most other cryptocurrencies and/or fiat currencies and then choose the amount of time you want your trades to be in place for.

By doing so you can then place a simple bet on whether Bitcoin and the other digital or fiat currency you have paired it up with will rise in value against that other currency at the end to the trading period.

If it does your bet is a winning one but it the value doesn’t go the way you predict your bet will be a losing one, but if it wins you are paid out at the odds offered to you by the Forex Broker you placed that bet also known as a trade at.

Using Bitcoin as a Payment Option

Another factor that will eventually help improve and increase the value is of course when more and more people start to buy it, but also use it as a form of payment option, however that does look quite a while away as most people only tend to look at Bitcoin as an investment tool.

However, moving forward if we do see a much larger number of retail outlets and e-commerce sites accepting payments in Bitcoin then that will of course increase the demand for it which in turn will increase the price of it too.

It isn’t that difficult however for any company or business to start accepting payments via Bitcoin in their websites, mobile apps or even in their brick and mortar-based businesses, as there are many companies that do have a payment system those businesses can use.

However, one of the reasons why many such companies do not wish to accept bitcoin currently is that the fees and charges associated with them accepting any type or form of cryptocurrency payments are quite high, which in turn reduces their profit margins.

Until the costs associated with using Bitcoin drop and drop quite dramatically then there is very unlike to be a share increase in the number of people using it and also any type of increase in regarding the number of business that will accept it, but it is always going to be a case of wait and see.