Gemini Exchange Accepts ACH Transfers

December 9, 2017 by Adrian Thorpe

GeminiIt is quite rare to find a digital currency exchange that will allow you to make ACH transfers to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, that is something you are going to find on offer as a payment option if you choose to use the Gemini Exchange.

Therefore if you are one of the quite numerous digital currency users who much prefer the ease of use of ACH transfers then it will be worth you checking out that exchange, for it is in fact one that does come with something of a solid pedigree.

It was the Winklevoss twins who founded Gemini Exchange and you may recall it was them who sued Mark Zuckerberg in regards to social networking, and they used the $65 million that they were award when they won that court case to invest in various businesses one of which was that investing in and then launching that cryptocurrency exchange.

If there is one thing you do need to be aware of about the Gemini Exchange is that it is not particularly user-friendly if you are fairly new to using such exchanges, however once you do get the hang of using it you will rarely if ever experience and problems with it.

You do also need to be aware that all transactions in regards to turning fiat currencies into either Bitcoin or Ethereum, and the other way around are performed in US Dollars but they are best known for the fact that they do not charge any type of deposit or withdrawal fees or charges, but there is a one off flat charge per trade you do decide to make of 0.25%, which is to be paid by both the buyer and the seller.

Thanks to the fact that they are regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services that does mean you will be using a very highly regulated digital currency exchange and one that is legally forced to adhere to some of the strictest rules and regulations imposed on digital currency exchanges

So you can trade with complete confidence and peace of mind when using the Gemini Exchange, and their fees are not that excessive as some other exchanges you will come across online.