Fourth Week of Sustained Cryptocurrencies Price Gains

May 5, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Another Week of Cryptocurrency Price IncreasesYou will probably be celebrating this week if you are a cryptocurrency investor and have been buying into any of the major cryptocurrencies this past week, for yet again for the fourth week now on the trot most them have shown increases in their respective values.

Each Saturday I make a point of looking at the last seven days trading activity on the highest valued cryptocurrencies and give you an overview of whether they have increased or decreased from this time last Saturday.

I am happy to report the trading screens are mainly green, and as such let me now look at the winners and losers this week.

You will have been impressed with the value of the very volatile cryptocurrency Bitcoin over the last seven days for its value at this moment in time is $9,811.74 which is an increase of 7.06% over the last 7 days, which will probably be gut wrenching for those people who are still playing own that cryptocurrency!

However, you will be laughing all the way to the bank if you had chosen to buy any units of Ethereum last Saturday, for if you had done so your investment will have grown in value by an enormous 20.94%, which in digital asset terms is a very substantial one!

Even the lost priced Ripple coin has been proving a popular buy this last week for its value has also grown by some 8.93% which in the scheme of things is a gain worth having!

Bitcoin Cash Continues to Rise in Value

There are some very well-known traders that are buying into Bitcoin Cash and are singing its praises, which is possibly one of the main reasons why that cryptocurrency has been rising in value recently. Over the last seven days of trading its value has grown very impressively by some 17.52% and it is likely to continue to do so too.

Another coin that even though it has a huge market capital is one that is overlooked by first time investors is EOS and whilst it has not proven to be a huge growing one this last week regarding its value it has gained 1.15%.

Litecoin is bound to be a cryptocurrency that you will be interested in buying into, and there is no getting aware from the simple fact a lot of people have been doing just that over the last week, and its value has been growing day on day and over the last week its total growth in value is some 14.99%.

It may also be beneficial and possible profitable too for you to buy into Cardano, that cryptocurrency is available on plenty of different digital currency changes and you will easily spot it on them via its ticker symbol hat being ADA, its value has impressed a lot of investors this week who have bene buying into it for it has grown by some 20.44% over the last week.

Stellar and IOTA Continue to Grow in Value

Whilst it is very true to say that many cryptocurrency investors are not going to look outside of the top five or so highest valued cryptocurrencies to buy into, there are certainly plenty of reasons you should always consider doing just that.

Take for example the eighth highest valued cryptocurrency by its market capital that currently being Stellar even that cryptocurrency has been growing in value and over the last seven days alone its value has increased by some 5.41%!

IOTA has made some spectacular gains in value over the last week so much so it should be one you add to your list of cryptocurrencies to invest in, in the future too anybody that did buy into it last Saturday will have seen their investments in it grow by a whopping 21.32%!

TRON which has the ticker symbol TRX has blasted its way into the top 10 spot on the cryptocurrency listings by way of its market value and that is another low cost coin you may be interested in buying into and its value has also grown quite impressive over the last week by some 15.87%!

NEO is one additional currency you should never overlook when you are thinking about buying into cryptocurrencies, and if you have bought into it last week then over the last seven days alone you would have made a profit on that investment of some 14.79% and who knowns, that value may just continue its upward curve in the following week too!