Forex Brokers Offer Bitcoin Pairing Trades

December 29, 2017 by Adrian Thorpe

If you have been thinking about trying to cash in on the volatility of the value of Bitcoin, then one aspect of actually buying any quantity of that digital currency that can and does put off a lot of people doing so is its value.

It will not have escaped your notice that the value of Bitcoin has been bouncing all over the place in the last few weeks, but even so, its current value is enormously high when you compare it to what it was when that digital currency first when live.

When anybody does show and interest in buying Bitcoin then they are not only going to have to pay a fortune for it, but they are also going to have to factor into the purchase price the fees and charges that are imposed on them by any digital currency exchange they have chosen to use and make use of.

So that already high valued digital currency becomes even more high valued once you factor into the purchase price those fees and charges, and not only that but when the time comes to sell Bitcoin there are fees and charges to pay and can often be delays in regards to when your order to sell will be processed when you do sell any quantity of it too.

However, there is now a much easier and very straight forward way that you can profit in regards to the rise of even fall in the value of Bitcoin and many other leading digital currencies and that is by you making use the services offered by an online Forex Broker.

Placing Trades on Bitcoin at an Online Forex Brokers

What you have to do when you sign up to any online Forex Broker is to simply select any two currencies that you would like to pair up together in one single trade.

You need to decide which currency you think is going to rise in value against the other currency and you are going to be able to select any two fiat currencies to pair up against each other or any digital currencies.

Those trades can be two fiat currencies, two digital currencies or a fiat currency and a digital currency, and once you have made your decision then you next need to determine just how long you wish that trade to be activate for, from the options on offer at the online Forex Broker you are using.

By doing so you will then be presented with the payout you will be offered if the currency you have chosen to rise in value against the other one does so at the time the trade expires.

Next you simply have to choose how much to invest on that trade and then by placing that trade you can then sit back and hope the currency you have chosen has, when the trade expires, increased in value by any amount, and if so then you will be awarded the payout based on your investment and the payout amount offered to you at the time of placing that Forex trade.

Risks of Placing Forex Pairing Trades

You do of course need to be aware of the risks associated with placing any type of Forex trade online, in fact you will also find many Forex Brokers offer a mobile trading app, so you are not limited to just placing such trades on a computer or on a laptop!

Unlike buying, holding onto and then selling Bitcoin, whereby when you sell you are at the very least going to get something back for selling it, even if it is less than you paid for it, there is the chance that you will lose the value of the trade you placed when trading Forex and digital currencies at any Online Forex Brokers.

There is no middle ground so to speak when trading in such an environment for each trade you do place is either going to be a winning one whereby you lock in a profit and receive that profit and your original invested funds too, or it is a losing one and if so you get nothing back what so ever.

One of the ways you can determine for yourself whether Forex trading is right for you, is to open up a demo trading account at any of the leading Forex Brokers, for by doing so you are then going to be able to place trades in a real life trading environment but using demo trading credits and not real ones.