Double Digit Gains on Many Cryptocurrencies Last Week

April 14, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

The last few weeks have been something of a roller-coaster ride for many cryptocurrency investors, for the value of most of them have been nosediving over a 7-day period.

However, as is the mysterious cryptocurrency investing environment, this last week there has been some huge gains regarding the value of most cryptocurrencies, and if you had chosen to take some risks last Saturday and did invest in several different ones, then you will be sitting on some huge profits.

Bitcoin  has performed exceptionally well over the last week and currently its value has grown some 16.95% when compared to its price on the same day last week.

But one of the very best performers when it comes to cryptocurrencies that have the largest market capital, that honour must go to Ethereum, for its valued has jumped to $501.68 and that equates to a 7 day increase of a huge 32.02%

In fact, if you had made the decision to invest in Ripple which has the ticker symbol XRP last Saturday then you will now be showing a huge profit, for that cryptocurrencies value is now $0.640992 which as a percentage increase over the last seven days works out at a massive 31.55%

Those of you who went down the Bitcoin Cash investment route last week regarding just which cryptocurrencies you bought into are also showing a healthy profit, for that fork of Bitcoin has also been performing extremely well this last week having grown in value by some 18.67%!

Cryptocurrency Investors Smiling This Past Week

You may have been thinking the days of investor in cryptocurrencies was over if you have been buying into most cryptocurrencies over the last couple of weeks for many of them were showing some large percentage losses week on week recently.

However, if you kept the faith and invested in Litecoin for example last Saturday, then you will now be sitting on a profit on those investments of some 7.79% which, everything considered isn’t too bad a profit after all!

Something rather magical has happened to the price of EOS over the past week, for a full single unit of that cryptocurrency is now worth $8.81 which is 48.47% more than it was worth last Saturday, and that increase in value will not have gone unnoticed by a lot of traders and investors.

The list of cryptocurrencies that have increased in value does seem to be endless this week and another one which has made a very impressed gain is Cardano, you will find that cryptocurrency listed on numerous digital currency exchanges with the ticker ADA and its value has increased by some 36.56% this past week!

There is no set-in stone reason why all the above cryptocurrencies have shot up in value over the last week, but it is a clear indication that people are still making some huge profits on their investments.

But those traders and investors who are prepared to buy when the markets are low and then sell on their cryptocurrencies when these spike sin values happen are always going to have an excellent chance of making some huge profits, over just a week!

IOTA Has Made a Gigantic Gain in Value This Past Week

The one cryptocurrency that has impressed plenty of investors over the last seven days is IOTA and the ticker symbol for that cryptocurrency if you want to keep your eye on it is MIOTA. The percentage increase in profit that cryptocurrency has made over the last week has been gigantic at some 40.20%

Let me give you some ideas of which additional cryptocurrencies may be worth taking a punt on this coming week, there is of course Stellar which has the ticket symbol of XLM the unit cost of that cryptocurrency will not cost you very much as it is currently $0.251748              and over the last week that cryptocurrency has jumped in value by some 25.45%.

NEO is another well-known cryptocurrency which is currently the ninth biggest based on its market capital and that one has also made some massive gains in value this past week and those gains were 36.15%!

The number of people who have been investing in Monero which has the ticker symbol XMR has also been growing this past week which in turn has seen its valued increase by some 15.38% and as such a single full unit of that cryptocurrency is now going to cost you $193.16 and it may be another one to invest in this coming week too.