Dabbling in Bitcoin Over the Festive Period

December 21, 2017 by Adrian Thorpe

Dabbling in Bitcoin Over the Festive PeriodI am sure that when the Christmas festivities begin to wear off a lot of people this year, many of them that have had an interest in digital currencies, but have yet to get involved in them, will use some of their available spare time to set about researching ones such as Bitcoin in a little bit more detail.

With the media constantly bombarding people with stories of the great fortunes being made by those who have been investing in Bitcoin, whilst also bombarding them with stories proclaiming how Bitcoin is going to implode, it is fair to say making sense of digital currencies in general is not easy to do.

If you do find yourself doing some research into the possibilities of you investing in Bitcoin this Christmas time, then keep in mind that the Bitcoin exchanges are still going to be open for business, and as such the value of Bitcoin is going to be moving in one direction or another no matter what time of the day or night or on what day you take a look at the value of that digital currency.

You will however first need to get a digital wallet which is the place in which you are going to be able to store any Bitcoin you do purchase, and whilst you can download such a wallet onto your computer, more and more people are choosing to store Bitcoin on digital wallets they have downloaded onto their mobile devices.

Dipping your toes in the water is probably something you are going to want to do if you have been itching to get involved in Bitcoin, or any of the other digital currencies, and that is what most people initially do.

However, when you do decide to make a small investment in any cryptocurrency, and much more so Bitcoin you are going to be faced with lots of fees and charges simply for buying an initial holding, and that can often surprise first time users of any digital currencies.

Keep in mind though, and this is something that I will guarantee will happen, as soon as you have made a purchase of Bitcoin for the very first time, you will become obsessed with checking its value, and could spend most of the day taking a quick look at the exchange rate of that digital currency against your home currency.

Whilst that is a perfectly normal thing to do, if the value of Bitcoin does start to drop after you have made a purchase of it, and let’s face it that is something that could and may just happen, if you have never made an investment before then you are likely to want to sell your holding, and get nervous about your investment.

When selling Bitcoin you are also then going to be faced with another raft of fees and charges, so any losses you do make will be compounded even more with those fees and charges. So a cool nerve and a much longer term outlook is required.