Cryptocurrencies to Keep Your Eyes on This Coming Week

April 15, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

After weeks of doom and gloom on the cryptocurrencies trading platforms, things are again beginning to look much better, and with most cryptocurrencies having increased in value this past week, it is looking like that may also be the case this coming week too.

It is with that in mind today I want to give you an insight into just which of the thousands of different coins and tokens may be ones to consider investing in this coming week, and whilst there are no guarantees they will increase in value, there are reasons why some of them may just do.

It is of course Bitcoin that is always in the news headlines, and whilst the volatility of Bitcoin does tend to put people off investing in it, it has been on an upward curve regarding its value recently, and I am of the mind it may just continue to do so this coming week too.

If you have never invested in Bitcoin before, and may have been put off doing so due to the cost of that cryptocurrency, you need to be aware that it is divisible into much smaller units, and as such you are going to find no matter what your investment fund is valued at, you are always going to be able to buy much smaller units of it and not one full single unit of it.

Ethereum Beginning to Look Solid

Ethereum has always had to play second fiddle so to speak when compared to Bitcoin, however there are many additional benefits of using that cryptocurrency, and many companies both established and in their start up phases have launched their own tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

As such that cryptocurrency is always going to be a much sought after one, for when an initial coin offering, or token generation event is built on the Ethereum blockchain anyone wishing to buy those coins and tokens will need to get Ethereum first to then use that cryptocurrency to buy those coins and tokens.

I am of the mind that there will be some slight increase in the value of Ethereum in the week ahead, and being only a fraction of the cost of Bitcoin it is certainly a cryptocurrency to consider investing in.

In fact, if you are prepared to take a few risks with your investments, it will also be worth your while checking out some of the many initial coin offerings that are live or are about to that are built onto the Ethereum blockchain.

Many of those initial coin offerings have shown some huge successes recently and as you are always going to be paying a small amount when you invest in an initial coin offering for your tokens, if the value of those token do rise then you are going to be making some healthy profits, but always be aware that you can lose money when investing in initial coin offerings too, so there are risk associated with them.

Keep Your Eyes on Ripple

If you haven’t a got bucket full of cash to invest, then you will of course be looking for a low-cost cryptocurrency to invest in, and it can often be the case that those that do have a very low unit cost can produce some of the largest increase in value over any given period of time.

As such it may also be beneficial for you to keep your eyes on the value of Ripple this coming week, if you are interested in buying into that cryptocurrency you will find it is a very, very low cost one when compared to the value of those two mentioned up above.

There will however always be fees and transaction costs to be paid on top of the unit and spot prices of any cryptocurrencies you buy into when using a digital currency exchange, so always keep that in mind and factor those additional costs into your investment budget.

If you have never invested in any cryptocurrencies before then long before you ever do buy into any of them I would strongly urge you to find out ways of securing them once you do go about buying any of them.

But at the end of the day always be aware that there are going to be risks associated with any type of investments you make and the value of any of the above-named cryptocurrencies could increase in value this week there is the chance they could also fall in value too at any moment.