Confused by Cryptocurrencies? Checkout WAVES

February 12, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

I have to admit, that when I first took an interest in the cryptocurrency environment a few years ago I did find it very complicated. If you are thinking of getting involved in it too then there really is a lot to learn, but failing to learn the ins and outs of all cryptocurrencies could see you putting your money at real risk.

Whilst both Bitcoin and Ethereum have taken off and hit the ground running once they launched and became readily available, many first time users of those cryptocurrencies can find them complicated to use.

Getting a digital wallet may seem very easy to anyone with experience, but even the most popular one that being MyEtherWallet can be rather complicated to understand when you first come across it.

You then have to find a digital currency exchange to buy and sell any cryptocurrencies, coins and tokens and those exchanges will also require you to learn how they work and operate which can take a lot of time and effort to do.

If you are also interested in launching a cryptocurrency token or coin as they are also known then learning about how to write smart contracts and the like really can make your head spin.

However, there is a cryptocurrency called WAVES that has to be one of the more user friendly ones I have come across, and as such today I am going to be giving you an insight into what that cryptocurrency has to offer and why I feel it may be an ideal one for you to use, if you are new to cryptocurrencies in general.

WAVES All In One Wallet and Exchange

One of the best aspects of choosing to use the WAVES cryptocurrency is the digital wallet, that is actually a web browser extension and as such if you use Google Chrome than you can add that extension in a matter of seconds.

You can then sign up in a matter of seconds, making a note of course all your private key, password and also you unique sets of words that are used to restore your wallet if the computer you are on ever dies.

Once you have registered you are then going to find that not only can you buy WAVES and also a range of additional cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies but you can also access form that web browser digital wallets the WAVES digital currency exchange.

You are not going to have to use another digital currency exchange and then trust that exchange to send your cryptocurrencies over to your WAVES wallet.

It has to be the security features of the WAVES cryptocurrency and their digital wallet that impressed me the most, for your fiat and cryptocurrencies are not being held by any third party they are actually accessible on the WAVES blockchain, so no matter what happens you always have access to them.

If you leave your funds in for example a digital wallet run by a digital currency exchange then if that company goes out of business or gets hacked or is closed down those funds are at risk, which isn’t ever going to happen on the WAVES platform.

Create Cryptocurrency Tokens with WAVES

Another very handy feature about WAVES is that as soon as you get one of their web browser extension digital wallets and log into it, you are then going to be able to make your own tokens.

It is an absolute breeze to do so and it will take you less than a minute to name your token, choose how many of them you want and whether they are re-issuable or not and getting it launched.

As WAVES does, as mentioned above, have their own exchange, you can then get your token listed on their exchange in a matter of seconds too and as such other people can start to buy and sell them.

There is something else that you are bound to find very interesting about WAVES and that is the transaction fees are very, very low. Unlike for example Ethereum where you are forced to pay Gas Fees which are fairly high in price when doing anything on the Ethereum blockchain the fees you pay for doing the same on the WAVES Platform are negligible.

If you have been desperately trying to get your head around how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, wish to launch your on coin and also get a digital wallet and use a digital currency exchange, then please do spend some time learning more about WAVES, for they really have made it one of the most user friendly cryptocurrencies.