Buy Flights and Holidays Using Bitcoin

April 10, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Buy Flights and Holidays Using BitcoinIf you have any Bitcoins laying around in your digital wallet, and you have decided that the time has come to start using them as opposed to simply holding onto them in the hope they will increase in value, then how about using them to pay for a flight or holiday?

There has been a sharp increase regarding the number of travel sites that are now letting their customers pay for flights and holidays using Bitcoin as their chosen payment option, and some of those travel sites are mainstream ones and not simply obscure ones that you may never have heard of before.

The one thing that you will of course need to be aware of is that when booking a flight or paying for a holiday when using Bitcoin is that it will often be the spot rate you are going to see quoted on any travel websites payment page, and there may be an additional fee to pay on top of the price of your flight or holiday to cover the transaction fees too.

But rest assured if you do decide to pay using Bitcoin you are going to have the same protections in place a you would do when paying in any other method, but you should of course always consider taking out travel insurance to ensure that you are covered should anything unplanned occur on your journey, travelling back or whilst you are away on vacation too.

Shop Around for the Best Bitcoin Deals

Using price comparison websites is something that everyone who is planning on buying a flight or going on vacation should actively be doing, for by using such sites you are always going to find the very lowest flights and the best rates for your hotel accommodation too.

Whilst the number of airlines and travel companies that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is still growing, there will always be value to be had if you are prepared to spend some time shopping around.

One travel site that has been popular for many years now is Expedia, and I am happy to report that they too have recently chosen to start offering their customer the option of paying for anything booked on their website in Bitcoin.

You should also consider signing up to the email newsletters at such sites too, for often a range of exclusive promotional offers and coupons are emailed out to everyone who is a member of an email newsletter.

At the end of the day though, do not be under the impression that you should ever be forced to pay a premium simply due to the fact that you wish to pay for a flight or a holiday using Bitcoin or for that matter any other currency, and if you do come across any airlines or travel sites that are forcing you to pay additional fees and charges when using a cryptocurrency then avoid using those sites and companies!

Consider Using a Bitcoin ATM When on Holiday

Another thing to keep in mind if you are planning a holiday or vacation any time soon, is that there are now lots of different countries that have Bitcoin ATM’s available, and as such you are always going to be able to access local fiat currency when on holiday that are held in your digital wallet.

Whilst there will of course be fees and charges associated with using a Bitcoin ATM, using your digital wallet as the way you carry money around in your pocket is going to be much safer than carrying banknotes around with you.

Another thing that you may be interested to learn is that most Bitcoin ATM’s will allow you to withdraw a much greater amount of cash than for example when you use a debit card.

So, if you are planning on going on holiday to somewhere that you are going to need to have access to some fairly large amounts of cash, then it will be worth you finding out more about using Bitcoin as the way you carry your money abroad and on vacation with you.

If you want to know in just which countries, you are going to find Bitcoin ATM’s. there are several websites that now list the whereabouts of every single ATM in each country of the world, so finding where those machines are located and often what fees and charges they will impose on you when you choose to use them shouldn’t prove too difficult if you make use of those websites!