Bitcoin Will Soar in Value When Iran Sanctions Imposed

May 10, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Bitcoin and IranPresident Trump is not happy with Iran, and to be fair neither are a huge number of countries, including many of their neighbouring ones. He started very clearly that Iran must buck their ideas up and very quickly regarding their nuclear ambitions, or the US will be acting.

Quick on the heels of his announcement however, many European countries stated the opposite, and said that they were willing to work with Iran regarding the Iran nuclear deal.

But make no mistake about it, Trump will, sooner rather than later be imposing all manner of sanctions on Iran, and it will be only a matter of time before many other nations also follow suit.

That does of course mean that a lot of people in Iran will now be very worried about their wealth and will be scrambling around for ways that they can access their funds and move them around no matter what Trump and the US do.

Therefore, in my opinion many of those people and probably the Iranian Government themselves will be actively looking at Bitcoin as the answer to their soon to be many problems, and that in turn should lead to the price of Bitcoin increasing.

If you have been putting on putting into that cryptocurrency then it may just pay dividends for you to start to do so, or to increase the units of Bitcoin that you currently have got, for there may soon be some money to be made regarding a spike in its value!

Bitcoin Has No Borders

The one attractive feature about Bitcoin is that it has no borders, meaning that no matter where you are in the world you are going to have no problems buying in, selling it and of course moving your holdings around.

Whilst a handful of countries have sought to ban Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies from their shoes, that is of course impossible to do, and with the anonymous nature of Bitcoin too, it is a handy payment system that anyone want to move cash around or simply store their cash away from prying eyes is fully able to do.

There is of course a requirement when you are for example buying Bitcoin using a credit or debit card from a digital currency exchange for you to provide identification to the operators of those exchanges so that they can be confident that you are the legal owner of such cards, but there is a plethora of other ways you can buy Bitcoin without the need to provide identification.

As such anyone who may be in Iran or may need to have an option for them to get their money out of any country quickly, safely and without others knowing are going to be very tempted to use Bitcoin or for that matter any of them many other cryptocurrencies that are no available, and that is what people in Iran are bound to be considering!

Investing in Bitcoin Over the Short Term

Another of the major attractions for anyone who is pondering investing in Bitcoin or simply storing their funds on the blockchain, is that you are always going to be able to sell your holdings whenever you like.

You are of course going to be at the mercy of the current exchange rate value of Bitcoin and whatever fiat or other cryptocurrency you want to exchange it for, and with things such as Bitcoin ATM’s you are always going to be able to access your funds by using one of them, if you have your digital wallet details with you, which you can of course carry around on your mobile or cell phone.

The amount of time that you do hold onto any Bitcoin units you do decide to buy is of course up to you, but I am seeing more and more people choosing to buy and then sell their holdings very quickly, and as such if you have been looking or some short-term investments then Bitcoin may be worth investigating.

The one piece of advise that I would however give to anyone who does want to start buying, selling and using Bitcoin, is to ensure that they learn all about the security aspects of cryptocurrencies, and ensure that at all times they protect their digital currencies and never leave them open to abuse or theft, as many people will be trying to relieve you of your Bitcoin if you do not ensure you store them and your digital wallet log in details safe and secure.