Bitcoin Debuts on the Chicago Board Options Exchange

December 11, 2017 by Adrian Thorpe

Bitcoin Debuts on the Chicago Board Options ExchangeIt was going to happen at some point, and Sunday was the day when Bitcoin made its debut on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Traders and investors in the digit currency can now agree to buy and sell Bitcoin on the Futures market, meaning that they agree a price for their Bitcoin to be delivered at a date set in the future.

Its debut on the futures market was going to see that digital currency’s value swing one of two ways, however it was on an upward curve that is did begin on and during Sunday it reached a record high of a whopping $17,170, however it has since dropped back!

Opinions have been, and it would appear always are going to be divided on Bitcoin, and for that matter all other digital currencies, for some people are calling them a welcome addition to the money markets, whilst others are claiming it is simply a way for people to launder money, and huge amounts of money too.

A debate has raged on the merits of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, some calling it helpful and others claiming it facilitate money laundering

It has been an incredible ride for anyone that has been investing in Bitcoin, for at the start to the year one single Bitcoin was worth just below $1000, however with turmoil on the money markets and several other additional factors such as Brexit unrest in the middle east the price of Bitcoin has been outperforming all other digital currencies, and has led to a growing number of people turning their attention to it.

The very fact that is has been welcomed to the futures market does give that digital currency an air of credibility, and many people are now making purchasing of it and signing up to a range of different digital currency exchanges.

The only thing you will need to be able to buy and sell Bitcoin is a digital wallet, which is where you store your Bitcoin and you will need access to one of the many different digital currency exchanges.

When using a digital currency exchange you can buy as much Bitcoin as you wish to purchase, and dependent on which exchange you utilize you will be able to make your purchase using any fiat currency or another type of digital currency too.

There are of course many people who are still talking down Bitcoin, however as it has been showing massive increases in its value all year, and doesn’t look like stopping, those doomsayers are being ignored.

If you are interested in investing or simply using Bitcoin to buy goods or pay for services then it looks like you are going to have to start buying it quickly, or the price you will end up paying will be much more than its current value, if you wait too long to make a purchase!