Bitcoin Debit Cards Offer Instant Access to Your Cash

December 3, 2017 by Adrian Thorpe

London Block Exchange Debit Card LaunchThe digital currency environment is certainly still evolving, and whilst as a user of any of the main ones such as Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum you do have plenty of currency exchanges at your disposal, you may be looking for some alternatives.

If so then there is a solution on the horizon, for one new digital currency exchange start up is putting the finishing touches to their new exchange which users are going to be able to link up to it via a mobile app a prepaid debit card.

Getting access to cash when you have sold any quantity of digital currency is something that many people are looking to do but in a speedy fashion.

There are ways you can achieve that, one of which is by using the services of Local Bitcoin who will connect you up with someone nearby where you live, so that you can perform an exchange in person and on the spot.

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In fact, there are also a growing number of Bitcoin ATM’s that will also allow you to sell on the spot any quantity of Bitcoin and get paid out of those machines cold hard cash.

However, London Block Exchange are soon to launch their digital currency exchange, and having achieved £2million in investment from their backers and having put into place some experienced men at the top of the company, they are going to become another force to be reckoned with in the cryptocurrency environment.

Attracting new users to any digital currency exchange is of course important, and one way that the London Bitcoin Exchange is hoping to achieve that is by offering their customers a fee of just 0.50% for all digital currency purchases and also offer the same fee when any of their customers wishes to sell their digital currency holdings too.

The main fiat currency in use on that exchange will of course be GBP, however by getting one of their prepaid debit cards, which is provided by a Gibraltar based company for a one off fee of £20 then you are of course going to be able to use that card anywhere in the world that accepts Visa cards.

There will be an additional fee imposed on users when they make cash withdrawals from their account using that prepaid card, but that fee isn’t expected to be too high.

It is of course only going to be a matter of time when many other exchanges appear that are also going to be offering a similar type of service to their customers, but it is certainly something to consider getting, that prepaid debit card, if you do want to have the peace of mind in knowing you are always going to get access to cash by selling your Bitcoin and other digital currency holdings.