Bitcoin Cash to Sponsor Ayr United Football Club

May 3, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Bitcoin Cash Sponsors Ayr FCMany people have compared both the craze to buy, sell and invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online, to the craze in years gone by to gamble online.

In fact, by taking a good look at the number of gambling related firms that sponsor UK football teams to get an idea of just how but and obviously how profitable it can be to have your company’s name associated with a football team.

Well, it appears that one major cryptocurrency, that being Bitcoin Cash which goes by the ticker symbol BCH has just signed a sponsorship deal with a Scottish football team, that being Ayr United, and it won’t be very long before the team take to the pitch in their kits bearing the name of that quite popular cryptocurrency!

One of the greatest supporters of Bitcoin Cash is Calvin Ayre who has been involved in both the online gambling environment and the cryptocurrency environment for several years now is excited at this sponsorship deal, and it would appear he is heavily promoting that cryptocurrency along with also offering a range of new products and services that can be paid for in Bitcoin Cash too.

One thing is certain however, and that is that in the months if not years to come, we are going to start to see more and more cryptocurrency related companies sponsoring football teams in the UK and will probably start to see more and more of them advertised on UK radio and television stations too!

Facts and Figures About Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

If you are tempted to buy into Bitcoin Cash for whatever reason, then allow me to give you a quick insight into the cryptocurrency, for whilst it is indeed one of the most popular ones it may not be one that you are aware of.

As of this moment in time the current value of one full unit of that cryptocurrency is $1,480.98 which interestingly has shot up in value over the last 24 hours by some 8.34%, and Bitcoin Cash has a market capital worth a huge $25,335,347,007.

During an average day the amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) that is traded is around the $1,488,310,000 USD or 161,603 BTC mark, which was certainly the case yesterday.

One of the main attractions for users of Bitcoin Cash is that the transactions and processing fees are much lower than most other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, which is the fork of the blockchain that it is based upon.

Therefore if you are on the hunt for a low cost coin to invest in, and one that is considerably lower in [rice than Bitcoin its parent coin, then Bitcoin Cash may be the one to consider buying into, and all that you are going to need to get to be able to buy and sell that cryptocurrency is a digital currency wallet that is compatible with it, and there are more than enough of them that are by the way!

Risks Associated with Bitcoin Cash

It doesn’t matter which cryptocurrency you choose to invest in there are going to be risks associated with them. One aspect of using Bitcoin Cash that you will never want to run the risk of doing is having your coins stolen from you.

Therefor you need to ensure that you log in and all the access details for your digital wallet are stored somewhere safe and not stored on your computer! So, make sure that you right down those access details and then store them somewhere safe so you can always access them should you need to use a different computer or mobile device to access your digital wallet.

The other min risks you are going to have to get accustomed to when you buy into Bitcoin Cash, or in fact any other cryptocurrencies are the volatility that they can all experience at one time or another.

The only way you are going to be able to make profit from buying into any cryptocurrencies’ is to buy when the price is low and then sell them on when the price rises, however also keep in mind that you will find the price of Bitcoin Cash will move in one direction or another at any time.

There may be some merit in your holding onto any units of that cryptocurrency you do buy for the long term, rather than look at is at a very short-term investment, however the price can of course go up or down at any time!