Bitcoin Bounces Back in Value and Passes the $10k Barrier

February 16, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

I am sure there will be many Bitcoin investors who will be waking up this morning, logging onto Coin Market Cap and smiling, for the value of Bitcoin, after what could be called a very stressful couple of weeks is back above the $10k mark!

At the time of compiling this news story its value stood at $10,187.10 and with a market capital of a very impressive $171,831,927,960, that is proof as if proof is needed that there is a huge and growing number of people who have invested in Bitcoin, and there will be many more people moving forward that will be prepared to do so.

I did set myself a challenge recently, and that as to try and talk to as many people as I could as I go about my day to day life to see just who many of them are investing in Bitcoin, but much more importantly just what percentage of those people that are investing in it are also using it as a form of payment method.

I did actually speak to two people yesterday who did say there are using Bitcoin as a form of payment method, and both of them told me that they are using it as a form of payment method of gambling related sites online, so  finally I have come across people who are using it instead of investing in it!

Ethereum Back on an Even Keel

As I took a quick look this morning at the value of Ethereum I did notice it too had made back a lots of the losses in regards to its value that it has suffered recently, and that value is currently $938.22.

More and more people are looking at Ethereum as the one most likely to take the crown off Bitcoin eventually, for it is proving to be a cryptocurrency that many people much prefer using due to the ease at which companies and start up businesses can for example launch their own tokens and coins on its blockchain and the not too expensive cost of using it too.

However, many people really can get confused in regards to writing smart contracts which are another major attraction of Ethereum, and I personally will be very interested when a company does offer a completely streamlined service that does allows anyone to write their own smart contracts online.

Whilst there are a handful of companies that do offer such a service online, they are presented to users in a very hard to understand way, so those people with only a minimum amount of experience still struggle to get to grips with the writing and compiling and even the structure used for smart contracts.

However, having said all of that the market capital of Ethereal is still just a tad over half of the market capital of Bitcoin, so for it to become the number of cryptocurrency there is still a long way to go!

Ripple Back Above the $1 Mark

Another cryptocurrency that many people have chosen as the one for their long term investments is of course Ripple, and it has also bounced back in value and has managed to get back about the $1 mark.

In fact, at the time of compiling this new story its value was $1.14 which is sure to bring a smile to many investors who have some very large holdings of that cryptocurrency. Ripple, by its market capital is currently the third largest valued cryptocurrency, but it does have some competition for that spot by BitcoinCash.

However, it does have to be said that the future for Ripple does look good and with its value still be relatively low, much more so when you compare that value to both the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is a cryptocurrency that many people can afford to invest in without taking that many risks.

It is of course always down to you and you alone as to just which cryptocurrency is likely to be the best one for you to personally invest in, and with the markets being as volatile as they always as, you should only part with your money once you have spent some time deciding just which cryptocurrency is the one for you.

Many people are speculating that the blip experience very recently is something that is not going to be replicated for several weeks or months, so maybe now is the time for you to consider reinvesting in a cryptocurrency, if you have not yet gone about doing so!