Best Performing Cryptocurrencies of 2017

January 2, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

CryptocurrenciesThose users and investors in cryptocurrencies that had the foresight to invest in several different ones will have made some very large profits on some of them, and today I am going to be taking a look at the ones that did increase in value the most in 2017.

It was Ripple that takes the honour of being the one that did show the biggest increase value over the last twelve months and it may surprise you to learn that its value shot up a whopping 36,018%!

Whether it is going to continue on that upward curve is of course anyone’s guess, but many investors are convinced it will do, so it may be one to set aside a little bit of your investment funds to invest in during 2018!

In second place it was NEM, and that cryptocurrency saw its value jump an enormous 29,842% during 2017 which consider the age of that digital currency that is quite some achievement. In fact, it is not usually the one that most people think of when they are putting together a list of possible investments.

You may be surprised to learn that Stellar takes pride of place as the third best performing digital currency of 2017, and its value shot up an amazing 14,441% in 2017, and many people do seem to be convinced that it has not reached anywhere near its peak yet.

Dash is another cryptocurrency that has been showing some huge increases in its value it is just as volatile as most other cryptocurrencies but having surged to a growth of 9625% in the last twelve months it may be another one to add onto your ever growing list to invest in this year too.

Other High Performing Cryptocurrencies

A lot of people had high hopes for Ethereum when it was launched, and those people who did keep the faith in that digital currency will have seen a profit on their initial investment of a rather large 9162% during 2017 and there may be no stopping that digital currency now!

It is usually Litecoin that people most associate most as one of the better performing digital currencies of the last twelve months, and there is no ignoring the fact that its value has increase by a very impressive 5,046 over the last year.

When Cardano launched it was one of those cryptocurrencies that people thought was either going to fail or at least fall by the wayside, however those who played its potential down have been proven wrong for its value over the last year has increased by 2,782%.

With a growth rate of a large 8,061% Bitcoin is another cryptocurrency that has certainly caught the imagination of a lot of users, and love it or hate it there is no doubting it has been another successful digital currency and one that is likely to continue to show an increase in its price.

With the sharp increase in the value of all of the above cryptocurrencies and many more besides that does of course mean that there have been several companies that have also been doing well that are associated with the industry.

Keep in mind that digital currency exchanges have also been coining it in over the last year, as they are getting in most cases a small percent of the profits traders make or at the very least a processing fee each time someone uses their digital exchange, but let’s hope competition does finally kick in and we start to see those fees and charges being reduced real soon!

What Does 2018 Hold for Investors?

The one thing that you can be certain of in 2018 if you are someone who is interested in investing in cryptocurrencies is volatility.

The value of any cryptocurrency is always going to be determined ultimately by the demand for it and with more and more people now learning just how cryptocurrencies work and operate there are going to be more and more people looking to hopefully profit from investing in them.

That is in turn going increase demand and will then see some, and maybe some of the lesser well known cryptocurrencies, to grow in value even more in regards to their value.

Just make sure that you do not go cryptocurrency mad during the next twelve months and one thing you should never do is to get spooked when a cryptocurrency starts to drop in value, for it has been proven time and time again, especial during 2017 that the values of cryptocurrencies can and do tend to jump back up just as quickly as they fell.