All Bar One Cryptocurrency Increased in Value Last Week

April 21, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Cryptocurrency GainsI did alert you to the fact last Saturday that the major cryptocurrencies were beginning to get strong and sought after again, and here we are another 7 days later and all but one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies have yet again shown an increase in value.

In fact, some of those gains have been huge, and as such if you did buy into any of those cryptocurrencies bar Binance Coin, then you will be sitting on some large profits today.

Binance Coin dropped in value by some 7.72%, however most others have shown some spectacular increases in value.

By far and away the very best performing coin this last seven days was Stellar which has the ticker symbol XLM, it is by market capital the eighth most popular cryptocurrency and has grown in value this last week by a very respectable 54.18%.

It was the fourth largest cryptocurrency that has made the second largest gain this last week that being Bitcoin Cash, that coin which has the ticker symbol BCH has jumped in value massively, by some 50.37%, so you will certainly be smiling if you did buy into it last Saturday.

You will also be laughing all the way to the bank if you bought into Cardano last Saturday for over the last seven days that coin has also shown a very impressive gain in value, that being by some 47.27%, and being a relatively low cost coin you wouldn’t have been forced to have to pay a small fortune to buy into it in the first place!

Ripple, Tron and NEM Increasing in Value

You really will have been beaten by the cryptocurrency bug if you had chosen to invest in Ripple, Tron or NEM last week, for those three leading cryptocurrencies have also shown some massive gains in value over the last seven days.

Take the third highest valued cryptocurrency by market value, that being Ripple, you will find it listed on most of not all digital currency exchanges with the ticker symbol XRP, and over the last seven days its value has increased by  41.01% in fact, over the last 24 hours its value grew by some 9.35%, so it may be worth keeping your eyes on it next week too!

The twelfth higher valued cryptocurrency by market capital is of course TRON, that coin has the ticker symbol TRX and you will have been suitable impressed if you have bought into it last Saturday, for this week it has grown in value by a whopping 38.99%!

NEM is one of those cryptocurrencies you can often overlook, but you will be glad you hadn’t if you had decided last Saturday to buy any units of it, for you will not be sitting on a profit of some 37.44%. The ticker symbol for that coin is XEM      and it is certainly one of the cheaper ones to but into for as this current moment in times it values is just $0.402141!

Spectacular Cryptocurrency Trading Returns

It will of course all be down to how much you wish to invest as to just which cryptocurrencies you will choose to buy into, however you would be showing a profit on any investments you did make this last week fi you choose to invest in any of the top twenty one’s bar of course the Binance Coin!

IOTA was another one that made some impressive gains this last seven days, that cryptocurrency is the ninth largest by market capital and goes by the ticker symbol MIOTA, its current price is just $1.94so you will not be breaking the bank when buying any unit of it but last week it did increase in value by some 43.12% and that gain could increase into next week too.

NEO is a slightly more expensive cryptocurrency costing $77.97 per full single unit you purchase, however that too has grown in value over the last seven days by some              22.21% and I cannot see any reasons why it will not continue to creep up in value this coming week either.

You should also do your research on some of the other cryptocurrencies too for there are going to be plenty of investment opportunities this coming week too, and a couple of additional ones that have grown in value quite spectacularly over the last seven days is Monero with a gain in value of some 39.05% and Dash which has shown an increase in value last week of some 24.80%!