Claiming Flight Compensation off Norwegian Air Shuttle

January 4, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

Norwegian Air ShuttleI appear to have become something of an expert at claiming flight delay compensation from many different airlines either that or I have a knack for always picking out the flights that are delayed by many hours!

I recently flew with an airline I have a lot of respect for, that being Norwegian Air Shuttle, their low cost flights and their new fleet of planes always makes travelling in economy class a bearable and to be honest quite a very comfortable experience.

However, as always seems to happen to me my flight from Arlanda Airport in Sweden to Las Vegas was several hours late, and whilst that was annoying, I knew the later the flight was at arriving in Las Vegas the more flight delay compensation I would be able to claim.

That aspect of being delayed is always a good one, much more so when you factor into the equation that Norwegian Air Shuttle’s flights are very low in the first place, and the compensation one can claim often is much more than the cost of the plane ticket in the first place!

Whilst I have been delayed and have claimed compensation from many other airlines, I have never actually experienced a delayed flight with that Norwegian, so was a little unsure how to go about claiming compensation.

Below I will walk you through my experience, and as such if you have been delayed and are entitled to claim compensation then you will have an idea of how to go about claiming yours.

Guide to Claiming Norwegian Air Shuttle Flight Delay Compensation

As soon as I landed in Las Vegas I started filming the small TV screen on the back of the seat in front of me that has the live flight tracking details and the time displayed upon it, as that was my proof that the flight was indeed delayed, so consider doing that yourself or taking pictures of that screen!

As soon as I arrived at my hotel room I logged online and went the onto Norwegian Airline Shuttle’s flight delay page on their website and then clicked on the respective link and filled in the details of my delayed flight.

One the form I also started that I was claiming for flight delay compensation for me and the person who was also travelling with me. The sooner you fill in that form the better, is I would strongly advise you fill it in upon arrival at your destination.

In my own personal experience it took them four weeks before they responded, although I did get an email minutes after I filled in the claim form online confirming receipt of my claim, if you do try chasing them up it can take longer for them to get around to looking at your claim, or so their website says!

As the timer for them to look at your claim gets reset when you chase them up by replying to the email they send you minutes after filling in their claim form! So keep your patience, and if you do want to chase them up do it via Twitter as that will not see them delaying looking at your officinal claim form.

Getting Paid Your Compensation

After four of weeks waiting and hearing nothing, I finally did get an email saying that they were going to pay me out flight delay compensation. When you fill in the original claim form your have to give them the bank account details of the bank account you wish to have the compensation paid into.

However, when I received the payment into my bank four days after receiving that email, they only paid one lot of compensation and not two, (there were two of us on the delayed flight).

When I queried this they told me that they had to send me out a Power of Attorney form for the other passenger so that they can pay the compensation for that other passenger into my account, or that other passenger needed to contact them as soon as possible with their own personal bank account details.

Therefore if you are claiming for anyone else who was in your party, even if you paid for their ticket, from your spouse, children or friends or any other family member then make sure that you get them to fill in the power of attorney form at the same time as you send in your original claim form or there will be an added delay in them getting paying that persons flight delay compensation!