Christmas Sales Figures Released

January 5, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

It has always been a make or break situation that many retailers find themselves in over the Christmas shopping period, and the battle is always on to ensure the tills keep on ringing in stores across the land.

However, it would appear that quite a number of retailers have managed achieve just that with many of them announcing some fairly impressive sales figures.

One retailer who did noticeably well was Next, they operate around 5000 stores and have a large online presence too, and shop sales increased by one and a half percent over the all important Christmas shopping period with their online sales shooting up and 13.6%.

John Lewis, who are famed for their tear jerking Christmas adverts also did very well this year’s which sales jumping by a very respectable 8.9% with their home technology, fashion and home ware departments all reporting a large increase in sales.

It would appear that people are prepared to spend money on more expensive clothing, if the sales figures from Jigsaw who are a high end clothing retailer are anything to go by, for that company saw an increase in sales of seven percentage.

Even Poundland who have been raising some eyebrows due to their parents company’s financial dealings and reporting managed to increase their sales by 6.5 percentage based on last year’s Christmas sales figures.

Co-operative Food who own and operate amongst other things convenience stores across the UK saw a marked increase in their sales in the run up to Christmas with a sale rise reported of some 6.2 percent.

Trading in Retail Shares

If you have something of an interest in investing in shares, then you may have managed to prejudge the Christmas sales figures, and if so you will have locked in some gains for many of the above retailers have seen some large gains in regards to their respective share value.

However, it can be a very confusing environment, buying, holding onto and then selling shares at just the right time to lock in a profit, and that is one of the main reasons why more and more people are turning their attention to Binary Options Brokers.

By signing up to an online brokerage you are able to place bets on the value of many different companies, in the hope that the direction you predict their shares will move will be the one that the share values do move over any given time period.

The major attraction of trading in that way is that you can not only predict share values will rise but you can also predict the retailers that you think will a reduction in their share value over any given time period too.

A Binary Options trade however is a bet and when you place one of them there is only going to be one of two possible outcomes, that being a winning one for your or a losing one for you. So you do run the risk of losing your trading funds if you do not predict the way a company’s share price does money correctly.

Hedging the Value of Your Share Holdings

Many smart investors do tend to use a Binary Options Broker when they are worried that any up and coming sales figures are being released by retailers, or for that matter when any critical financial information about any company is about to be released and they will opt to place hedge bets on the value of their share holdings.

By doing so if they fear the worst and suspect the figures when announced will have a negative effect on the share price of a company they have shares in then they will place a Binary Options trade on that company’s share price falling.

It if does then obviously their share holdings in the company will decrease in value, however depending on how much they placed on their trade the profits from that trade will act as a cushion for the drop in the value of their shares.

However, it does have to be noted and pointed out that trading in Binary Options is a risky business, and as such you should always weigh up those risks long before you do start placing such trades.

In regards to how many different Binary Options Brokers there are you are going to find plenty of them many of which are fully licensed and regulated and as such you will be offered a fair level of protection in regards to funds held in a Binary Options trading account.