Are There Any Successful Bitcoin Investing Strategies?

January 9, 2018 by Adrian Thorpe

As soon as any potential investor in Bitcoin has made the decision that Bitcoin is indeed the type of cryptocurrency they wish to invest their money in, there are then lots of decisions he or she is going to have to then make.

I am aware that first time and inexperienced investors will be on the hunt for all manner of different strategies to study in the hope they will find a sure fire money making one!

However, much like any other investment you can make, when you start to invest in Bitcoin you are going to have to buy low and then sell high, as that is the only realistic way you are going to be able to secure a profit from your investment in that digital currency!

What you will need to avoid at all costs are any weird and wonderful systems and strategies that may be promoted online, for many of them are simply pie in the sky and have been promoted with one thing in mind, and that is to get you to part with your money to buy or use those strategies.

If you do come across any websites on which people are proclaiming they are making huge fortunes buying and selling Bitcoin, and want to charge you to join in “their success” then ask yourself why are they selling on their knowhow, instead of simply continuing to make money themselves, without having to teach first time investors the ins and outs of making money from Bitcoin!

Building Up a Portfolio of Cryptocurrencies

If you do not have a very large amount of cash to invest in Bitcoin, then I would urge you to consider investing in some of the many other cryptocurrencies that are available, for one thing you will discover those other cryptocurrencies have a much lower cost price.

In fact, some of the lesser well know and start up digital currencies have been showing some massive increase in profits over the very short term and as such you will not be experiencing the huge volatile of Bitcoin that could cost you a fortune when you choose them over Bitcoin!

There is going to be a much lower element of risk if you do buy a range of new digital currencies that cost just a few cents or dollars than if you buy into Bitcoin, so make sure that is something you consider doing, as any of them could increase in value at any time.

But do keep in mind that when buying any cryptocurrencies there are always going to be several different fees and charges you are going to have to pay, not only when buying them but when you wish to sell them too, and those fees and charges are going to eat into your investment funds and any profits you do end up making!

Bt at the end of the day, the only person who will know just how much risk you want to have in place when investing in any cryptocurrencies is you, so do think long and hard before you do jump in with both feet into the cryptocurrency investing environment!

Look At Other Bitcoin Trading Options

If there is no way that you can afford to buy into Bitcoin, and let’s face it to do so at today’s rates you are going to have to have some very deep pockets then be aware there are several other trading options available to you.

Whilst some of those additional trading options do come with their own levels of risk, some much more risky than actually buying a holding of Bitcoin, they may be work investigating, and as such I will let you know the difference additional options for trading Bitcoin below.

One way that you could try and cash in form the volatility of Bitcoin is via a Forex Broker, if you sign up to such a site you can then simply place a bet on which way the value of Bitcoin is going to move.

If you guess the way in which Bitcoin moves in value, simply either upwards or downwards then you bets wins and you receive your winnings, but if you guess incorrectly you lose your bet, so unlike buying and then selling Bitcoin you will end up with nothing.

Another way of trying to cash in from the value of Bitcoin is by using a Spread Betting firm, when placing a spread bet you do stand to make some massive profits, but you do also run the risk of making some huge losses too.