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I remember when I first discovered cryptocurrencies I was very eager to earn as much as I could about the way they all work, and to be honest I am still learning, for cryptocurrencies have now come of age and there are plenty of them that you may have an interest in using.

There are two main different types of cryptocurrencies, the first are the ones that can be mined and those do have an endless supply of coins available as more and more of them are mined.

However, there are some cryptocurrencies such as Status that are non-mineable and as such you are only going to find a set number of coins available when using them, however their values can be volatile just as much as mineable cryptocurrencies are.

Status is one of the newer non-mineable cryptocurrencies and below you are going to find out more about this relative new digital currency, so please do read on to find out whether it may just be one that you may be interested in starting to use.

Overview of Status

Status is not going to prove to be a very difficult cryptocurrency to understand, buy or sell or even use, but one thing I would urge you to do is to watch the following video if you have never come across Status before as it will give you a good insight into that new digital currency.

You should always ensure that you know the value of Status when ordering and buying any of that digital currency for much like all of the many other ones that you may be interested in using its price can fluctuate in value at any time.

Where to Buy and Sell Status

If you are worried that buying or selling Status is going to be very hard to do for even very confusing or time consuming then please do think again.

The way in which anybody is going to be able to buy or sell Status is very easy to understand for all that you are required to do is to visit any of the exchanges that I have listed below for you and by doing so you can pay for any quantity of Status using a range of different payment options.


Being able to store your Status safely is of course important and as such one digital wallet that is always going to be offering you the very highest of security features and protocols will be the one available at Bittrex and their digital currency exchange comes highly recommended too.


To ensure that every transaction you make when turning Status into fiat currency or when you wish to buy Status online you should always pick out one of the leading digital currency exchanges and one that does come highly recommended and one that has been established a long time is the  Binance exchange so do check it out.


You will be in very safe hands if you choose to use the Liqui exchange, and with their always available platform and their updated in real time prices for buying and selling Status you will always be able to see the current exchange rates and their fees are quite reasonable too.

To quickly purchase any amount of Status you will always find the exchange is able to handle your order for Status plus if you ever want to sell Status then that is something else you are going to be able to do relatively easily and with the minimum of fuss too as one of their customers.


Some Status digital currency exchanges have become very popular and one that you will find is and one that is going to offer you a range of additional features when you make use of it is HitBTC, their fees and associated charges are very reasonable and they do offer the highest security protocols too.


For a rapid and hassle free transaction I would urge you to take a good look at what the Kucoin exchange will be offering you, for they have a solid reputation as being albeit one of the small digital exchanges but one that does offer a guaranteed and first class service too.


As there are so many different exchanges that will allow you to turn your cash into Status or Status into cash such as the EtherDelta exchange, you should always be prepared to shop around and make sure that the ones you do finally choose are offering you the lowest transaction fees, so make sure you do so.


The fees and charges that you are going to be hit with when using some digital currency exchanges to turn cash into Status or Status into cash can be ridiculously high, and as such do take a look over the Livecoin exchange as you will appreciate just how low their fees and charges are when you do so.


There should be a list of different wants and demands that you have on your checklist in regards to finding a digital currency exchange of you to buy and sell Status and I am fairly confident that you will find everything you do need if you may use of the NovaExchange.


You will probably have your own ideas and opinions on just what makes a digital currency exchange highly usable and with that in mind if you are looking for a low cost way to buy and sell Status then the BTER exchange may be an ideal one of you to utilize and make use of.


You should always be prepared to spend as much time as you require doing research into which exchanges are going to be worth using to buy or sell any volume of Status and with that in mind please take a look over the Gatecoin exchange to see what they have on offer to you.


The Tidex exchange is another highly reliable digital currency exchange that is going to allow anyone and at any time of the day or night buy or sell any volume of Status, and their exchange is a highly secure one and offers you the added advantage of being able to access around the clock customer support too.

Top 10 Status Exchanges by Currency Pairings

Please do read on for below you are going to find just which digital currency exchanges are the best in regards to the base currency you wish to swap for Status coins and the other way around too.

  • SNT/BTC – If you want to do a SNT/BTC exchange then the one exchange that does perform the highest number of those types of digital currency trades each day is Binance. On average they perform around $710,617 of those trades each 24 hour period and as such the percentage of those particular trades performed each is day high at 28.21%.
  • SNT/BTC – You may be interested in doing a SNT/BTC transaction and if so then one of the very best and certainly one of the most popular exchanges at which you can perform such exchanges at is Bittrex. In regards to the volume of SNT/BTC performed at that exchange over a day the volume is some $595,971which is a high percentage of all such trades.
  • SNT/ETH – Binance is going to be the digital currency exchange you will be best advised to visit if you wish to do a SNT/ETH exchange for they do a lot of those exchanges every single day of the week. In fact, their daily average of those exchanges is $414,819 which surprisingly is 16.47% of the total volume of such trades, so do consider using that exchange.
  • SNT/ETH – As someone who does wish to do a SNT/ETH trade then there are a number of different exchanges that are always going to allow you to do such an exchange, and one that is recommended is Liqui. Due to the simple fact that on average they perform in total in regards to SNT/ETH exchanges a volume of $245,006you will always find you can buy or sell any amount.
  • SNT/USDT – There are of course some digital currency exchanges that will allow you to perform a huge number of different digital currency transactions, and one such exchange is Liqui. If you are seeking out an exchange that is going to allow you to perform SNT/USDT exchanges then thanks to their daily average volume being $221,953such trades you will never experience a problem buying or sell those digital currencies on their exchange.
  • SNT/USDT – will certainly be one of the very best digital currency exchanges that you should consider using it at any time of the night or day you wish to do SNT/USDT exchanges and you will have no difficulties performing such a trade on their exchange. They have a daily average of around $11,526 of such transactions performed on their exchange which guarantees fluidity.
  • SNT/BTC – If you sign up to the Kucoin exchange then you are going to find a range of different digital currency options available to you in regards to buying or selling any quantity of such cryptocurrencies. You are going to be able to very easily and seamlessly perform SNT/BTC transactions and you may be interested to learn on average each day they perform a fair number of such exchanges.
  • SNT/ETH – By choosing to use the Bittrex digital currency exchange then there are always going to be plenty of different digital currency exchange options available to you. Therefore if you are interested in doing SNT/ETH exchanges and want an exchange that can handle small or large volume of those currency transactions then this is certainly an exchange to consider using.
  • SNT/ETH – HitBTC is the one digital currency exchange that I can highly recommend if you are looking for somewhere that you are always going to be able to perform SNT/ETH exchanges in a very cost effective way. They do perform one of the largest daily averages of such trades and that ensures no matter when you wish to buy or sell, then you are always going to be able to do so.
  • SNT/ETH – One additional digital exchange for you to consider using if it is SNT/ETH trades that you are looking to perform is the The volume of those types of trades they perform on average is fairly large and as such you are definitely always going to be able to buy or sell any volumes that you require and will be able to do so easily and in a cost effective way.

Frequently Asked Questions

To complete this guide of Status I have put together some of the most commonly asked questions about that crypto currency and underneath each of them you will find the respective answers to those questions so read on if you do have any additional questions.

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