Pecunix- Any time convertible and secure digital gold currency

Online currency is best suited for international trading. Secure and flexible payment system is possible with digital currency and gold currency. Every nation has its own currency, trading is limited to their national currencies. Gold metal has global access and its demand is always increasing.

Due to its versatility all over the world it is suitable for using as replacement for currencies. Pecunix is one of the digital currencies that are backed by the value of gold. It is possible to buy or sell goods and services with instant payments and settlements. Pecunix e-currency can be converted into national currencies and the reverse is also possible and also can be converted into physical gold at all times.

Pecunix is safer system because it is 100% backed with value of gold. Every pecunix currency unit can be represented with equal unit of gold. The amount of gold equivalent to the pecunix currency is stored and examined in international storage vault by the Anglo Far-East Bullion Company in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Pecunix ranks fourth place among the digital currencies which is given according to number of accounts opened with it. Pecunix incurs transaction fees of 0.5 percent for 100 grams of gold and 0.15 percent for gold below 100 grams which are very low when compared to other e-currencies and Pecunix e-currency allow payment for even 1/10,000th of a gram.

Signing up for Pecunix account is much easier and money is added into the account by means of pecunix recommended exchange operator which helps to convert national currencies into pecunix units. Pecunix system data is more secured that uses leading-edge PGP technology for encryption and has four level of security such as user level virus resistance, PGP verification and IP restrictions, database encryption by Advanced Encryption Standard, hardware RAID technology. These levels of security ensure the powerful security against phishing and hacking.