WorldPay- The Electronic Payment Service for Online Business

WorldPay is a payment processing company that was founded in 1989. It was named as Streamline when it was founded. The headquarters of WorldPay is situated in London, United Kingdom. WorldPay is the first company that introduced internet payment services in 1994. In 2002, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group acquired the ownership of WorldPay and renamed the company as RBS WorldPay. WorldPay emerged as largest merchant acquirer in 2007. It was operated in around 40 countries and with 14 settlement currencies and 120 transaction currencies. A part of the company was sold to Advent International and Bain Capital group in 2010. They renamed the company as WorldPay and it has become largest merchant acquirer in Europe in 2010.worldpay_logo

WorldPay is a fast growing company in the field of payment processing service. WorldPay is an expert in handling payments whatever the business may be. It makes payments easier and keeps the merchants open for business all the time. It is easy to use and setup is also done quickly. Millions of transactions can be done at same time. Flexibility and security are the prime attractions of WorldPay. WorldPay has global reach by means of supporting 120 currencies and more than 200 payment methods. It is a huge amount when compared to other payment processors. WorldPay helps their customers to sell their products and receive payments by offering many ways to accept card payments.

The payment ways that are offered for small and medium businesses are payments by card machines, Mobile device and integrated payment services. Card machines that are used are of three types. They are portable card machines that can be used at any floor of the shop or restaurant, mobile card machines that can be used anywhere where mobile network exist and countertop card machines which is a contactless technology and most secure payment way. Payments can be made by mobile device by means of WorldPay Zinc Chip. It is easy to sign up and can take secure payments anywhere using mobile phone with in UK. It uses Bluetooth technology to make payments. The third payment way is integrated payment service named as WorldPay Total. It gives a simple card payment in one complete package. It takes payments on the go using mobile or tablets.

For large scale businesses there are several payment options that are provided by WorldPay to support the large scale payments. The clients of WorldPay are provided with dedicated point of contact and dedicated account manager. Hence whatever size the business is, WorldPay can provide complete payment service. WorldPay Total also can be used for large corporate businesses. It gives complete payment service in single package and it is provided with real time monitoring facility. Global payment coverage for large businesses can be obtained by WorldPay. It provides access to the global market and the card payment expertise to make the business to succeed. WorldPay Total Mobile is a payment option for corporate businesses to take payments from card anywhere and anytime. This service is obtained by a mobile app and WorldPay keypad that are connected with Bluetooth to a smart phone