SolidTrustPay– advanced online business payment systems

SolidTrustPay is a new reliable payment system that was founded in the beginning of 2008. It is a mostly preferred payment system due to its flexibility and user-friendly as stated in a survey conducted among the user of the internet in North America. SolidTrustPay accepts all credit and debit cards. It also supports the use of SolidTrustPay member cards such as SolidTrust Payroll card and SolidTrust co-branded international debit card. There are two types of accounts known as personal and business. Personal accounts are of great use for online shopping and payments. One can send money instantly to friends and family from secure e-wallet. There are no charges to send money to another SolidTrustPay account and merchants.solidtrust_logo

SolidTrustPay enables the user to send and receive funds in multiple currencies and it supports around 190 countries. There is no setup and maintenance fee. Personal account is charged 1.5% + $0.25 USD for receiving funds. Business accounts are set up by the merchants who are selling a product or services or running a business. The account is initiated with the name of the company. There are three types of business account; they are business starter, micro payments upgrade and corporate upgrade. Starter account is free setup of the business account. A seller creates its own merchant account to accept credit card purchases from the customers. It also provides low cost advertising facility in the member message centre. The charges charged for business account is 2.5%+$0.30 USD for each transaction it receives. SolidTrustPay offers free assistance and consultancies for programming and provides fast and professional merchant support.

Business accounts can be upgraded into Micro payments account by paying 15$ USD as application fee. It charges 5% + $0.05 USD per transaction. Micro payments account small rates for small prices. Corporate account is an upgrade to business account on an application fee of $50 USD. This account is highly protected from loss, fraud and chargeback. Transparent API can be used for optimal instant clearance. Products and services sale are faster and quicker. Withdrawal limits of the account are higher. There is a monthly gateway fee for $15 to $45 USD and 3.5% + $0.50 USD per transaction. SolidTrustPay account consists of SSL encoding. The account is opened by entering a password only. So it is safe and secure. If a person opens his account in another browser, the user’s e-mail receives a message like deported code for the indication of change of browser.

A user can translate the account at any time into different account by paying extra application fee. The transfer of fund is free and recipients only pay small amount of received money as he used the service for remittance. SolidTrustPay account is a convenient online e-wallet. They provide friendly customer support and live chat options. Every customer is treated as a member and a part of the SolidTrustPay community. SolidTrustPay also offers unique TrustCard VIP Member program for customers to make them enjoy faster service, lower fees, extra benefits, trouble free access and complete control of their account. There are also emergency funding services for need of money in or out in 24 hours.