NetSpend- a Prepaid Debit Visa or MasterCard

NetSpend prepaid debit card is easier way to manage money and smarter way to pay. Debit card are provided by the bank that provides electronic access to the bank account. The card can be used instead of carrying cash when making purchases. NetSpend prepaid debit card is easier way to manage money and smarter way to pay. To get started with NetSpend card, first one should create NetSpend account providing name and address. NetSpend card is obtained within 7 to 10 business days after registration. The card must be activated by signing into the account in the NetSpend website, before it is used. After activation money must be added into the NetSpend account.netspend_cards

Adding money to the NetSpend account is done in several ways such as direct deposit, bank account transfers, PayPal Transfers, NetSpend Reload Network locations, NetSpend card account transfers, NetSpend reload packs and Tax refunds. Direct deposit can be done by depositing paychecks directly to NetSpend account from the employer. Tax refunds and government benefits can be received faster when it is linked with NetSpend account. There are more than 1 lakh locations such as Grocery stores, gas stations, check cashing stores, MoneyGram agents and Western Union agents that are used to add cash or check to NetSpend account.

NetSpend Card is used anywhere where master and visa debit cards are accepted. Once money added to the NetSpend account, it is ready to be used in many applications. NetSpend debit cards are used to make purchases, pay bills or rent, get cash at any ATMs. Using NetSpend card one can buy gas in gas filling stations, rent a car at rental agencies and reserve a hotel room where prepaid cards are accepted. NetSpend Card can be used to send money to family and friends using the online account centre option by providing the recipient’s account number and card number or username. With Online account centre, one can check account balance, transaction history, pay bills and create a budget.