Bitcoin Exchangers

Bitcoin Exchangers – the top 10 best sites to buy and trade Bitcoins

Bitcoin is software based online payment system that is Bitcoin exchanges are used to transfer fiat currency into bitcoins. Some exchanges are used to change bitcoins into other digital currencies. Kraken is a rich cryptocurrency platform which combines forex trading and bitcoin exchange. It has four tiers of verification and security that has strong relationships with banks. It is highly professional site and offers advanced trading tools. The transaction fees that are charged depend on the type of currency used. Bitstamp founded is a popular bitcoin exchange which converts Dollar and Euro into bitcoins. Bitstamp has gained popularity as a professional bitcoin exchange with charging nominal fee for a transaction.

350px-bitcoinBitfinex is next to Bitstamp which is most advanced bitcoin exchange. Bitfinex supports US Dollars and trade bitcoins with leverage. The fees are collected according to the amount of traded bitcoins over a period of 30 days. BTC-e is the most popular trading exchange for cryptocurrencies on daily basis. It is very fast and supports USD, EUR and Russian Rubles. It charges 0.2% as transaction fee. Justcoin is an easy to use exchange which stores bitcoins in encrypted offline wallets and charges 0.5% trading fee. These wallets are then stored in secure bank vaults. Many bitcoins are stored in offline wallets that are safely encrypted. It also supports fiat currency conversion of US Dollar, Euro, and Norwegian Kroner.

Coinbase is one of the foremost exchange and international digital wallet that allows the customer to buy and sell bitcoins for US Dollars. Coinbase also offers merchant services that make use of bitcoin for payments. It charges flat 1% fee for transactions to and from US dollars. BTCChina is a leading exchange for bitcoin that has many security measures and focus on a particular country so it focuses on security through SMS verification. It uses offline security for bitcoin wallets. It charges 0.1% as a commission for trading.

CampBX is US based exchange which is audited daily using McAfee security and has advanced features in trading. Transaction fees are offered at 0.55%. They even provide bulk discounts for advanced and quick orders. Cryptsy is the exchange that provide safe environment for users and it is easy to use. It provides trading for more than 100 types of cryptocurrency. The transaction fees that are charged for buying products are 0.2% and that for selling is 0.3%. Bter is a large altcoin exchange and enables people to buy and sell bitcoins using fiat currency of china, Yuan. Bter charges 0.2% fee and has its own trading software.