Authorize.Net leading contributor of payment gateway services is a payment gateway service that enables the merchants to make use of their gateway for receiving credit card and electronic check payment over the internet. Jeff Knowles founded Authorize.Net in 1996 in Utah and headquarters is situated in American Fork, USA. It is the large internet payment gateway with around 400,000 merchants. The dominant credit card issuer named Visa is the parent company of the Authorize.Net. From 1999, the company was constantly subjected to change in ownership. The larger database is an ideal target for hackers. Hackers attacked server of Authorize.Net in September 2004 by Distributed Denial of Service attack. The attackers demanded money in exchange for stopping the attack.authorize_logo

Authorize.Net is a payment gateway that helps the merchant in the various measures. Some are authorizing and managing credit cards, retail store payments, one touch payments using mobile, electronic check transactions through websites and payments to mail order/telephone order call centres. There are several methods of integrations that are available in Authorize.Net for linking websites to the payment gateway. Merchants can choose the convenient method for their needs. Retail merchants are integrated through third party POS service. Merchants often find difficulties in connecting a website to payment processing solutions. makes the work at ease of access with increased security with reliability.

Authorize.Net processes the credit card by means of acquiring card details, passing the secure data to bank’s processor. The issuing bank of the customer approves or declines transaction by checking the account balance. The credit card network submits the transaction details to merchant’s bank processor. The merchant delivers the goods and acquires money from the issuing bank. Authorize.Net accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, bank account and digital payment solution such as Apple Pay and PayPal for online payment solutions. It also supports international transactions from customers worldwide. It also has different safety measures such as Advanced Fraud Detection Suite, Card Code Verification, Address verification Service against fraud prevention.

The customer support is offered in many ways like online support center, toll free phone support, online chat, eTicket system and web form email at free of cost. Authorize.Net also supports recurring or subscription billing option for automatic handling of recurring payments and dynamic recurring billing options. Authorize.Net has introduced free mobile app Authorize.Net mPOS for secure payments in Apple and Android devices. It has several features like multiple payment options, AVS support, Secure Access and flexibility in settings. Transaction receipt is sent to customers email after making purchase in mobile. Authorize.Net supports Virtual Terminal service for manual processing of credit card and bank transaction.

Virtual terminal and batch Upload features in Authorize.Net can be accessed by merchants through web based Merchant interface. Each item is assigned a unique ID and description. Virtual terminal helps the merchants who manually enter credit card for mail order/telephone order sales. Batch upload is a process of uploading multiple transactions in a single file. This is an efficient way to upload credit card and e-check transaction from customers to merchants. These special features attract the merchants and customers towards Authorize.Net payment gateway.