2Checkout – a payment gateway supported by ProductCart

Online business has driven the marketing to online platform. Shopping and purchases are all done online; there should be an option for payments to be accepted online. Handling the payments directly with credit card and debit card or online banking is subjected to theft by hackers. To overcome this problem payment gateways are introduced. These gateways act as a bridge between the customer and the merchant. The customer provides his financial details to payment gateway and gets authorized payments from these payment gateways. ProductCart supports this payment gateway for processing all its cart purchases. 2checkout helps their customer to support for their online business and making them a better entrepreneur. 2CheckOut was started by Alan Homewood in 1999 and it became a trusted payment gateway for more than 50,000 merchants.2CO_logo

2CheckOut supports transaction of money in over 196 countries and 15 languages. Currently the supported number of currencies by 2CheckOut is 26 and is one of the leading processor of online transaction with 8 payment methods around the world. The various features that are available in 2CheckOut are easy implementation, PCI Level 1 Security, international fraud prevention, responsive design and more than 100 shopping cart plug-ins. The 2CheckOut Company also introduced recurring billing option in November 2001. Recurring billing option initiates the user, the offer of membership or subscription. It allows the user to pay bills in regular interval and scheduling option is provided for weekly, monthly, semi- annually and yearly payments.

In 2013, standard checkout and in 2014 inline checkout was introduced. Standard checkout adapts to the device which is used by the customers for buying the product and it is displayed according to the buyer’s device. It is a starting place for smaller sellers who sell fewer products. Inline Checkout appears to be a part in the website. It is a simple overlay payment form which appears to be in the site and performs hosted checkout solution. There are only fewer options for quicker checkouts. For seamless buying experience with more functionality in cart, sellers can make use of inline checkouts. In May 2014, 2Checkout launched payment API application interface for controlling the buying experience from pixel to payout. Payment API is simple and implementation is easy to install.

Customer is provided with global access feature which accepts credit cards. The credit card details are encrypted with Trustwave PCI portal. It constantly monitors the account for each transaction for any unnatural happening and makes them safer from hacking. Payment API libraries are available in languages such as php , Java, .net, python, cURL. 2CheckOut offer three tier securities for recognising fraud activity. Significant data collection and use of statistical algorithm has paved way for assessing more than 300 variables in 3 seconds to identify fraudulent activity. 2CheckOut has introduced mobile app to manage the business on the go. It helps to monitor and manage the account details, view sales, check payments and issue refunds on mobile device. It is available in Google play store and Apple app store.