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Online businesses have become dominant way of business nowadays. This website helps our customers in choosing the correct mode of payment for the individual services. These services allow a consumer to buy products and services by means of internet from a merchant. The payments to those purchases are done by various online payment options. They are cash on delivery, cheque, debit/credit/prepaid cards, electronic money, postal money order, wire transfer, invoice, digital currency and gift cards. When you wanted to use any of these options, you can always check our site which provides more detailed information. These payment options benefit to both consumers and merchants. We also assist our customers by providing our genuine reviews after doing strong research in suggesting the payment services used for securing bank account details like credit cards in a safe and secure way. Payment options that are involving real money is always safe but it cannot be used for online payments. Online shopping involves payments to be settled through Internet. We offer several Payment facilities through cards, online banking and digital currencies which are most commonly used method for payments. Online transactions are tending to be safer only to some extent. We also provide information that is useful to the customers and merchants in researching the payment options depending on the transactions customers make. We provide you a detailed and well analysed review about the payment services and their reliability.

Payments using cards is the easiest payment method for merchants and consumers. If you are a consumer, the payment you can make the payment just by entering the card number and expiry date after making a purchase. These transactions are safer because there is a third party like issuing bank or credit card Company to protect consumer. We have provided information for merchants where card payment method used. This involves setting up a merchant account in a bank and to select payment processing gateway which authorizes credit card payments. The transaction is simply completed by an e-mail confirmation. Using debit card and prepaid gift card also involves the same method of payment. Only one difference is money is loaded into the account for making purchases and one can purchase within the limit provided and some gift cards are store specific. We help our customers with our true reviews and we have considered the optimal and reliable sources for providing to our consumers.

Digital currencies are different from banknotes and coins. They are internet based medium of exchange used for buying products and services just like traditional money. Customers can transfer money from savings into online cash account that is electronic money. The transactions are safer and involve public- key encryption and digital signatures are used for authentication. Digital currencies are changed to and from traditional fiat currencies by means of digital currency exchangers. . Using digital currencies, the process is faster and safer for the consumers and merchants; however they have some risk like instability in price, prone to be forged and loss is not refundable. We have provided information based on risk, safety and security of the services. If you are a digital currency exchanger then you is at the right place you can get information about the various websites that offer exchange of virtual currencies. Our reviews are customer based you can read them before choosing the exchanger.

Payments through electronic checks also benefit merchants as these payments do not involve opening a merchant account as in the case of credit card payments. Customers can make payments by entering the details of the check in the merchant websites. Security is the main concern of the online payment systems. Using credit card for the purchases over the internet may be subjected to hacking which in turn affects both the customer and the merchants. Hackers can steal the credit card information from the merchant website and use them for fraudulent purchases making the merchant site to disrepute. People must be aware of scam artists; they tend to pretend like real one and ask to send money. We help you to get rid of scammers and give you detailed information about the service providers. At top10money.com we give you the list of reliable sources.